Steep, the winter sports simulation seen by Ubisoft

For people who aren’t familiar with snowboarding, like me, snowboarding games are restricted by the SSX series. This test was a massive leap into the undiscovered. Mainly because Steep isn’t an arcade game without using the realism card. The game shuffles between the 2and does quite well.

We are now located in the Alps, in an open space. Following each test, whether success or failure, nothing forces you to restart the process. Without issue, you can continue your journey from the lowest point to the bottom. It is also possible to put your feet down, get out your binoculars, find the next location or switch sports, and return. The different types of events, like springboard suits to perform the most tricks possible or a timed wingsuit race, are varied.

Each time there are goals to be achieved by overcoming different challenges, including silver, bronze, or gold. Of course, earning the gold medal will give you more points, allowing you to establish a name for yourself and gain access to new races quicker. But the detailed tutorial, covering each sport and the various races, will help you understand everything (and more) far better than I could.

The Alps offer a chance to climb to the summit of Mont Blanc, overlooking the other mountains.

Visually, the game, which isn’t on the cutting-edge of its being developed, is gorgeous. However, this isn’t an issue, mainly because you won’t be able to take your time pondering the scenery around you, as you are concentrated on keeping clear of rocks or putting your body in the correct position so that you don’t fall on your back in your often rapid descents. The landscape is diverse and requires you to adjust your skiing to the changing conditions. For example, it isn’t possible to approach a heavily populated area with sprawled-out houses and a reasonably dense forest in the same way. Furthermore, a day/night cycle is in place which adds dimension to the landscape and how you play.

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The diversity of events, sports, and the environment ensures that you don’t do the same thing twice. Even after hours of playing, there’s no sense of déjà vu.

The game is easy to play and is particularly suitable for snowboarding and skiing. It can take more time to master for the wingsuit, but it will give you the most effective outcome. It’s the best way to convey that speed is displayed on your screen and gives you the greatest feeling. It is important to note that even the slightest touch will cause you to die (meaning that you’ll be lost and your flight will be over) But how enjoyable it is to rub against rocks or trees in this manner, the feeling of liberation is felt in the moment! This is one of the most simple to master for the paraglider, especially because the options are minimal. Add that to its slowness, and you have the mode that is completely different from the other three.

You’ll also be capable of modifying the various parts that make up your persona including the helmet to your shoes, through the suit, gloves, or even those that are hung from your bag even though they’re only as a decoration. The presence of official Go Pro and Red Bull product is proof this game about extreme sport and is not a standard downhill sport.

You can take off from an air balloon and take in an incredible view over the valley.

On the flip side, the game suffers from a few glitches in particular after a few falls when your character continues to slide without stopping for a long time. Of course, you can start the descent again, but it will mean you lose points. If you change to wingsuit mode, your character will leap in the direction that you move your joystick. If you did not get sufficiently close to where you want your character before switching to wingsuit mode, your character would flop on the platform or rock you were on instead of leaping into the air. Frustrating.

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