Steelseries Rival 5 Test

In its cost range, its Rival 5 is well-equipped. The two mouse buttons utilize IP54 splash- and dust-proof switches that offer a comfortable and quick click. According to the company, the new controls are expected to last for a long time and handle as many as eight million mouse clicks. We’d like to thank you for understanding that we didn’t test this independently. Between them is the mouse wheel, which effectively hits the sweet spot between accuracy and mobility. The rubberized surface offers excellent grip as well as the clicking is precise. In the background is the mandatory DPI switch.

It is fascinating on the right side. Alongside both thumb and index buttons which are well-placed, there are two additional switches. First, there’s an extra button on the tip of the thumb. It can be assigned at will and is accessible as long that you don’t have small thumbs. Below the two thumb keys are the third switch; we’ll refer to it as the thumb rocker since it can be pressed to move it up and down. It’s an exciting design that is relatively easy to use after you’ve gotten familiar with it.

If you cannot handle it, It’s not a problem. There is no pressure to assign roles to the rocker and the keyboards. Those who want to work with other keys will certainly benefit from the extra keys. This allows the Rival 5 an all-purpose mouse that can handle basic games and more intricate controls. A mouse that can be used for any occasion, So to speak.

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It comes with the possibility of programming nine buttons, an amount for a euro mouse with an assurance of quality. Naturally, the keys are assigned using the SteelSeries software, which is straightforward and simple. It is also possible to set the PrismSync lighting with RGB there. In addition to the mouse wheel and the logo on its back, there’s an LED strip that runs on both sides. Ten zones are lit and appear attractive if you’re interested in that.

Inside the mouse is an 18,000 DPI optical sensor that SteelSeries designed in collaboration with luminaries for sensor Pixart. The sensor is 1-to-1 tracking and can deliver 400 IPS with 40G acceleration. This sensor’s sample rate has been set to 1,000 Hz, which means SteelSeries is not yet using hype rolling at 8,000 Hz, which is in fashion. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say about the sensor since it does an excellent and precise job.

Overall, The Rival 5 is a great mouse with many features and performs well in the field. It is most important; it shows its users that it can deal with any genre thanks to its adaptability and internal workings. No matter if you like shooting, MOBAs, role-playing games, or any other type of game, the mouse cannot exhibit any weaknesses in any field.

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