Steelseries Prime Drahtlos & Arctis Prime Test

At 139.99 Euros at 139.99 euros, Prime Wireless is the most expensive of the three. However, it stands out with its higher-quality interior. The price isn’t visible on the mouse at first sight since it’s straightforward. The mouse, made for righties, features an asymmetrical body that’s not exactly heavy, weighing around 80 grams. The smooth black matte surface that doesn’t require further texturing or rubberizing is exceptionally pleasing and firmly in your hand.

Simple elegance is the rule of the day. Aside from the buttons for the mouse, a comfortable, rubberized mouse wheel, and two well-placed thumb buttons, the rest is essentially nothing. The DPI switch is now at the bottom of the screen, as it’s probably not utilized anyway. It also houses the power button. So found there, along with the large PTFE surfaces that let the mouse glide across the pad swiftly. The only decorative thing is the logo on the mouse’s back. The light on the mouse’s wheel serves as a light source for the DPI selection and the setting for polling that can be altered when hitting the DPI button for a prolonged duration. Additional adjustments can be made through the software.

The Type-C cable comes with an adapter for an extension. Therefore, you can use the USB dongle directly on your computer or through the adapter. Plugging the cable in to let the long-lasting battery expand its wings is easy. This should not occur since the battery will last for at least 100 hours without illumination and 35 hours when illuminated.

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Additionally, with the adapter and the cable, it is possible to operate on computers that do not currently have ports for Type-C. SteelSeries is even thinking of making the cable soft with microfiber coating to allow for cable operation. So don’t fret about the cable becoming too difficult to work with.

The problem is still as to what makes the mouse priced so high. It becomes apparent when you take a peek at the inside. It’s a TrueMove Air sensor developed with Pixart that offers the impressive 18,000 DPI and is complemented by 400 IPS and 40G acceleration. It also has the highest polling rate, which is 1,000 Hz. A powerful and precise sensor that has been awe-inspiring in other models and is designed for fast-paced gaming.

SteelSeries did not let itself get wasted with the mouse buttons, either. Opto-magnetic switches work beneath the buttons, reacting fast and precisely, offering a responsive click response. The click travel and resistance are not too high. However, the switches aren’t sensitive, either. As a result, it’s almost impossible to miss a click using the mouse. Additionally, optical and magnetic switches are incredibly robust. They’re supposed to last up to 100 million clicks with no injury.

In reality, there’s nothing to be unhappy about the device. The mouse could indeed have been a little more giant and, yes, the ergonomics are good, but they’re not ideal. It is quick and precise, with mouse clicks that are pure joy. However, the cost can be a hindrance. There are certainly cheaper. However, they are still gaming equipment.

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