Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Test

For connectivity it is it is a great choice for connectivity. Nova Pro virtually runs the spectrum of connectivity. It is wirelessly compatible using a PC, Playstation and Switch, and even two devices can be linked through the wireless transmitter. it comes with two USB-C ports and the required cables are supplied. It is possible to change between the two options at the touch of one button. Ideal for those with an PS5 as well as PC and want to wirelessly connect the headset across both devices.

Additionally, there’s an option to connect an included 3.5mm Jack cable, which means it’s possible to connect the headset to the Xbox controller, or on other devices using the cable should you need to. If that weren’t enough, the BlueTooth 5.0 is also accessible and can be used in tandem with using wireless modes. This means that the connection to tablets and smartphones isn’t a issue. If you’re looking for headphones for all your needs then it is the Arctis Nova Pro is the best option.

Wireless connectivity in 2.4 (GHz) mode works through a transmitter, not the USB dongle, which serves to act as a GameDAC. In the above paragraph, you can easily connect 2 devices. The transmitter, however, can perform additional functions. One of them is that it acts as an charger. It also acts as a charger. Arctis Nova Pro Wireless has two batteries, one inside the headset, and another in the transmitter, and this is where it’s charged. If the headset’s battery is depleted and you need to replace it, you can do so within a matter of seconds, without shutting off your headset. In the event of an emergency it is possible to recharge the headset using a USB cable. A connected port is hidden in some of the panels with magnetics.

The battery life is stated at 18-22 hours, however in the real world we got around 14-16 hours (we prefer the loud). So, you shouldn’t ever have to worry when your headset is depleted of juice. In case of emergency, there’s also a quick-charge feature which pumps enough juice to provide three hours of use into the headset’s battery within 15 minutes. This is a pretty smart idea considering that the interchangeable batteries also offer some amount of durability.

The GameDAC can also function as a control station in the event you don’t use the headset in conjunction with Windows software (more on this later). In addition to volumecontrol, input selection, and game chat balance Equalizers are also available. With the help of the buttons that rotate and the touch it is simple to operate once you are familiar with the menu layout that is available on the GameDAC. It’s clear that SteelSeries attempts to give the best to every use with this system and it does the job well.

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Let’s move on to the headset it self. It’s the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is quite subtle in appearance and has the capability of delivering sound through BlueTooth while you’re far from your home, but without making you go into laughs. The design is straightforward, made of matte black, and appealing. The quality of the workmanship creates a positive impression. As is the norm, SteelSeries relies on a solution with a headband that is flexible. The swiveling earcups as well as the soft leatherette-covered earpads create a comfortable fit, making the already light weight almost invisible.

The controls are simple. On the left side, you’ll find an power button the mic volume control, mute as well as the jack connector that is optional. The USB charger is concealed in the magnetically-attached side panel. On the rightside, there is a control button to control BlueTooth connections. The battery, which is replaceable, is concealed beneath the right magnetic panel. Simple, simple and practical.

On the left, you’ll also see the microphone that retracts. A pop shield made of foam is also included, however you aren’t able to conceal the microphone inside the headset while wearing it, unless you remove it off. The microphone is described by the company as an AI controlled “ClearCast Gen2” microphone that is said to reduce background noise, and is possible with artificial intelligence. It works well however the overall quality of the voice recorded by the microphone does not exactly match the cost for the headphone. Don’t misunderstand, voice chat and phone calls work well. Recording quality comes with the microphone, but it is not the best quality.

Anyone who thinks that there is already all, has not yet discovered the most crucial thing. For consoles, while you have the GameDAC as a controlling component but on the PC there’s a lot more to be done. On the other hand, you can access an application called the SteelSeries GG software which, as well, offers basic setting options. But more crucial is, however, the sonar-integrated software that lets users to allow the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless to completely stretch its muscles.

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Sonar software is a great choice. Sonar software comes with an extensive set of settings options, complemented with more than 20 pre-made presets for popular games, music and films. They’re not all 100% successful, however because of the 10-band EQ and the ability to create profiles, it’s easy to discover the most optimal settings that are based on pre-sets or even to design your own totally. Additionally, there are options to configure 360deg Spatial Sound, with a range of settings such as regarding the distance between the various audio sources, which can create the creation of a perfectly full surround image. Additionally, there’s an equalizer, mixer for the microphone, as well as AI noise cancellation noise gates, and many additional settings.

It is the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless pushes all of it to your ears using special 40mm drivers, which operate at 10-40,000 Hz (cable) as well as 10-22,000Hz (wireless). The drivers produce a well-balanced and clear sound without modifications, but it is only possible to truly enjoy the full range of sound with Sonar. Sonar software. The headset was tested with diverse scenarios, including shooters, dialogue-heavy role-playing games, as well as music from different genres and films and were extremely pleased all over the board. If you’re willing to do playing around in the application, you’ll be in a position to discover some amazing soundscapes using the headset.

If that wasn’t enoughfor you, the device has active noise cancellation through an asymmetrical 4-microphone system. The headset also comes with an adjustable Transparency mode that allows you to hear the background noise. Although the technology isn’t as close to the quality of Sony headphones, or even the latest INZONE H9 headset for gaming however, it does a good job overall.

When we tested it in the real world we were incredibly impressed by our experience with the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless in particular because of its wear-friendly design and excellent sound quality, which can be amazingly customized and adjusted using only a few adjustments – at the very minimum in the PC. The fumbling without software using the GameDAC to connect external sources that aren’t connected to the PC is boring, but it has an effect. The headset is at the top of the league, though perhaps not as powerful as

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