Steel Series Arctis 7P Wireless Test

However, the only Xbox users with no options can console themselves by using the 3.5-millimeter jack on their gamepad. The Arctis 7P can be utilized together with Google Stadium, the Google Stadium controller, an extremely multi-talent. In addition to the adapter and dongle, a USB-to-micro-USB charge cable (why not USB-C?), and a jack cable, are included. So, everything you require and a jack cable are included. With the many wires and the tiny dongle, the case could have been an excellent addition; however, the lack of it is manageable.

After removing and unpacking some (completely unnecessary) protection films, you will realize there is nothing new in the basic style of Arctis headsets. A strong metal headband, a flexible ski goggle-style headband, ear cups oval that can be rotatably connected, and a comfortable, breathable fabric to cover the soft ear pads. The headband isn’t completely light, but it’s incredibly comfy. For those with real thick heads, it is possible to be a problem, and the headband’s flexibility does have its limits. Overall, the craftsmanship is exemplary.

The controls are straightforward and well organized. All ports are on the left earcup, with an audio button and volume control. The microphone can be extended, but the boom for the microphone is, unfortunately, a bit soft, which means it could be a bit shaky when it comes to positioning it. In the right earcup, you will find an option for your sidetone, i.e., you can control the level of your voice. It also has a power button that can show the charge’s status through a light.

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For prospective PS5 buyers, the design is striking in its color palette. For instance, most headsets are in a chic white that perfectly harmonizes with the console. The blue trim on the side of the headband’s underside and blue fabric on the ear cups give the final visual spark. The earpads and the headband, however, are kept in black. From a strictly visual point of view, it looks attractive.

The wireless mode of the Arctis7P makes use of 2.4 GHz technology. It is flawlessly functioning and free of interference. The advertised range is 12 meters. This is the right amount, depending on the presence of walls that separate the receiver from the headset. The battery life score is the highest rating for a 24-hour battery, and that’s close to the mark. It’s not a tiny amount, as many headsets aren’t able to last that long.

It’s a relief that SteelSeries hasn’t scrimped on its microphone. Again, a Discord-certified and bi-directional Clearcast microphone has been installed. This guarantees a clear voice transmission, mostly without background noise and distortion. We have never experienced any issues with voice chat communication.

For sound, as far as it is in the audio department, SteelSeries once again relies on the 40mm drivers included in the other Arctis 7 headsets. In the end, why wouldn’t these drivers can accomplish things? First, the sound is truly excellent. The bass is strong and prosperous without being intrusive. The mids are punchy, and the trebles sparkle with stunning detail. In addition, it has excellent spatial sound, making it easy to identify sound sources.

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The incredibly balanced and lively audio quality ensures that the headset will not just be a pleasure to play exciting action games. Even titles with lots of voices, such as game-based role-playing or adventure, are delightful with this. Even without music, it’s a great-sounding device. Arctis 7P cuts a damn good figure and is not much worse when playing videos or movies. This Arctic 7P Wireless is a true multitasker, and it is designed for all apps (and games) across every platform. In this way, the headset can live up to its expensive cost.

As a side note, the Arctis 7P Wireless already supports the PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, which we’ll have a closer look at once we’ve got an Arctis console in our editorial offices.

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