Steam Deck The First Wave Of Mailings And A Demonstration Of The Docking Station

Steam Deck Steam Deck has been launched in celebration of which Valve has released an official rendering of the dock for portable PCs. Additionally, the company provided details on how the mailings to purchase reserved devices will be handled.

Dock Station

Valve offered some pictures of the stand, and also brief descriptions. The connection with the Steam Deck is done via the USB-C connector that is located on the top of the gadget. The docking station is equipped with six ports:

    • HDMI 2.0.
    • Display Port 1.4.
    • Ethernet.
    • USB 3.1
    • Two USB 2.0.

The cost of the device has not been known. The company is expected to release the docking station by late spring. The Steam Deck can also work with other third party USB hubs if there’s a reason why the version offered by Valve does not suit your needs.

From February 25, Valve began sending out emails to the initial bunch of clients who purchased Steam Deck. The process of notification for customers is gradual. After sending the email, the company provides 3 days to redeem the laptop computer. If this doesn’t happen, the queue will move to the next customer.

Users who see “Q1” on the device’s page in Steam will receive letters with payment options by the close of March. The next round of alerts is scheduled for the 7th of March. The alerts will be distributed each Monday every week. A new wave of emails will be launched to the current second quarter in April.

The site already has reviews for Steam Deck -the device was not without faults, but its advantages far outweigh the negatives. Additionally, Valve showed skins for the portable virtual keyboard PC.

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