Star Shaman Review Review

The virtual shooting galleries which’s closest cousins can be described as an old arcade machine are particularly cherished among VR gamers. In keeping with the trend Ikimasho games came with their own experience featuring magic, space like Rogue elements. Find out more about it in the review we wrote for Star Shaman.

  • Producer: Ikimasho games
  • Publisher: Ikimasho games
  • Publisher date: October 22, 2020

The Entropy Architects have decided to convert all moons and planets into dead, unresonant voids. It is the responsibility of the star shaman of the stars to defend the universe. Only he can be trusted to eliminate the bio-frozen celestial bodies as well as fight the armada of threatening Obeloids.

In the midst of combat, highly hostile flying objects of all sizes and shapes come before the shaman. They flutter around in a 180-degree circle around one the other, and savagely load their weapons in order to give the players time to prepare and get their guns ready.

The Shaman can choose to Try to take out the attacker before firing and then shoot his shield, if there is one, or explode the projectile when it is close try to test the reflexes of his opponent and attempt to avoid hitting.

The folks at Ikimasho certainly wanted an mobile crowd so warming up prior to taking on the challenge of saving the universe is essential as the aliens won’t require you to run through the game area, however, you’ll need to move away from projectiles quickly or make a sudden crouch.

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Contrary to Space Pirate Trainer, the attack of enemies is not as violent, however there aren’t two blasters available to you. The arsenal of a shaman’s shaman includes magic items like long-ranged swords and swords.

When you want to use a weapon you first have to pull it out of the sphere that is in your face and then charge it by moving your hands along surrounding energy stones. After the cannon has been charged up then the process must be repeated.

In order to destroy all waves in the territory occupied by aliens The shaman then travels back to the system’s map to choose a new location. The planet that was saved is cleared of entropy it becomes peaceful and picturesque.

To completely rid the area completely of intruders confront a boss, and then advance to the next level to complete the mission, you need to gather the required number of items from planets that are under siege. Furthermore, the shaman can receive biocycles which can be consumed in Kibel’s store.

The alien provides three random items. These may comprise new guns, passives to enhance you, enhancements for your abilities already in place and more life.

Without modifiers, it’s impossible to gain your health back If you suffer a loss of all of your energy then you’ll die, and be revived. It’s necessary to start the game over again, with a specific amount of money, which you’ll get at the end your game.

Star Shaman has nice cartoon graphics that are bright and vibrant, with breathtaking panoramic views. It has excellent music and even an interesting storyline that is unusual for this genre.
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It is currently suffering from bugs, and there are some problems with the execution of combat mechanics, however it’s a brand-new project and has a strong base, meaning there’s a good chance the developers will be able to improve it as time passes.

The fans of arcade shooting with virtual reality should at a minimum be intrigued by Star Shaman.

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