Splasher, the french plateformer !

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At the Indie Games booth, we came across Splasher during the Toulouse Game Show 2016. After a presentation to the players by one of the game’s creators and a the demonstrations of speedrun in a specific level, we were in a position to play the game.

The result was unappealing it was an true smack The game is very fluid, enjoyable to play and particularly addictive.

At Inkorp

You’re an employee of Inkorp which is a company that produces fluids and you’re responsible for clearing the hallways. You are an “Splasher”.

After wandering through an area and witnessing one of your coworkers transformed into a form that resembles a super potato by your boss, known as the Doctor, You decide to step in and protect the Splashers from their fate.

It’s true that it’s designed in the form of “speedrun”. It’s also evident that the game’s levels flow well.

Finally…once you’ve got the basics of playing.

The fluid cannon

Here we take a look. The primary goal of the game is why you will experience amazing adventures.

This tool, which you’ll develop as you advance by adding various fluid tanks, will be your weapon as well as a method of movement.

There are three fluids during the sport:

The water is the liquid of the base that allows you to get rid of most foes as well as clear surfaces that are stained by ink (however certain walls that are saturated with ink won’t be cleanable).

Let the world know that you’re the best.

If someone says platformer, it usually refers to speedrun. And who suggests ranking and , therefore, competition..

Two challenges are open to you. The first one is to complete each level as fast as you can beat yourself, and other players around the world.

If the task seems too easy, try the MEGA level.

The objective is to complete the ENTIRE game without saving teammates or collecting gold drops. You must finish the game as quickly as you can in a single level and be ranked with the top players!

If you attempt the challenge, please feel free to let us know about how you did.

France is in the spotlight

In fact, this game comes from a studio located in our gorgeous Hexagon called Splashteam and is headed by Romain Claude, a former game designer and level design engineer at Ubisoft who was involved in Rayman Legends and Origins and on Rabbids: The Big Adventure.

In fact, we could see the comical aspects of these games, as well as the craziness in Rabbids In Splasher.

On his side, there is Richard “Gromy” Vatinel as art director and Aymeric Schwartz, who is a composer and sound designer.

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