Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide – Where to Find Stan Lee’s Monument and Davis’ Grave

Legends aren’t dead in the same way as they’re remembered! That’s the belief of the creators of the brand new Spider-Man: Miles Morales believes in the game, which honors two heroes from the Marvel universe and fictional.

In this guide, we’ll discuss two Easter Eggs that are located in New York City, along with their explanations. The first is a memorial for Stan Lee, a man who does not need a biography, and the other can be attributed to Jefferson Davis, the late father of Miles Morales, the game’s principal character.

The problem is that the exact location of these iconic landmarks isn’t difficult to locate by yourself. Manhattan Island is a huge city with numerous memorable spots (like Avenger Tower). Avenger Tower). In the images below, we’ve marked two spots on the maps. Look them up to create good memories and get two awards.

There are two sites you can visit to get a trophy fast – the memorial in honor of Marvel famous Stan Lee and the grave of Jefferson Davis, father of Miles Morales.

Stan Lee statue is on the Upper West Side, near Mick’s Diner, the exact spot Peter Parker liked to stop at during the first match (2018). You can interact with the plaque and receive a trophy that reads “Best Fried Fries In Town,” an allusion to the establishment.

The burial site of Jefferson Davis is located northwest of Harlem. The grave is located in the northwest corner in the church. Begin by stepping up to it, paying respects, and earning an award called the “Never Ever Give up” trophy.

Jefferson Davis himself was the father of Miles Morales, the game’s principal character. He was an officer for the police and died in the first major gang assault led by Mr. Negativity in the original game.

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