Spider-Man Miles Morales guide – how to open all the costumes

Miles Morales is a pretty elegant Spider-Man. In the latest PS5 exclusive game called Spider-Man: Miles Morales, players can choose from 19 different costumes. choose from. These costumes are unlockable through various methods that are triggered automatically as you progress in your level, while others are only available after you’ve completed specific actions. Additionally, the game comes with certain changes applied to particular equipment.

It’s important to mention that the diversity is astonishing. For instance, some costumes remind us of Miles and his image from The alternate universe and an outfit from the animated series “Across the Universe.” Let’s look at all of them!


  • 1 Sportsuit
  • 2 Big Responsibility
  • 3 Homemade Costume
  • 4 costume “T. R.E. K”
  • 5 animated Costume
  • 6 Student Costume “Brooklyn Visions”
  • 7 Scarlet Hood
  • 8 Costume “E. C.C.S.T.R.I.M. “
  • 9 Day 9 Day
  • 10 Miles Morales 2099
  • 11 Through the universes
  • 12 Classic suit
  • 13 Pride and Equality
  • 14 Winter Suit
  • 15 Miles Morales 2020
  • 16 Programmable Matter Suit
  • 17 Dark Purple
  • 18 Cat suit
  • 19 Spider fitness suit

Sportswear suit

  • The method to unlock Accessible at the start of the game as a default.
  • Modifications: not available.

Great Responsibility suit

  • The method to unlock it is to: Complete the Farewell Gift mission at the start in the campaign story.
  • Modification Not available.

Homemade suit

  • Unlocking:opens at level 5.
  • Modifications: Force throw – increases the damage of throws.

T.R.A.C.K. suit

  • The unlocking process begins after achieving level 6.
  • Modifications: Elusiveness – decreases the amount of damage caused by shots by 25 percentage.

Animated suit

  • Unlocking:opens at level 7.
  • Modifications It is stronger web. This means that it will take longer for enemies to destroy the web.

Brooklyn Visions Academy suit

  • The method to unlock the level 8; it can be bought following the completion of”Time to Rally. “Time for Rally” mission.
  • Modifications: Trick Master – You will gain extra biopower whenever you perform aerial tricks

The Crimson Cowl suit

  • Unlocking:opens at level 9.
  • Modifications: Ghost Strike – when knocked down with spider strikes while camouflage is in place it is impossible for enemies to hear.

S.T.R.I.K.E. suit

  • Unlocks unlocks at level 10.
  • Modification:Bioforcing – the rate of recovery of biopower increases when the health reserve decreases.

The End suit

  • Unlocking:opens at level 11.
  • Modifications: Full Concentration – decreasing energy consumption for camouflage while staying still.

Miles Morales 2099 suit

  • Unlocking:opens at level 12.
  • Modifications: Biostability – reducing the impact of Roxon’s biological suppression. By using camouflage, you can remove Roxon’s bolas in a flash.

Into the Spider-verse suit

    • The method to open the level 13.
    • Modification: Bam! Pew! Smack! lets you imagine the sounds of attack like they look in a different universe.

Classic suit

      • Methods to unlock: Complete the “Time to Rally” mission at the start in the game.
      • Modifications: Deafening Clap – When they’re destroyed Underground weapons release powerful waves that stun opponents.

Uptown pride suit

      • To unlock the app: complete all mobile app-related events.
      • Modify unavailable.

Winter suit

      • Methods to get it:complete every mobile app quests, and then complete the Harlem second quest line.
      • Modifications: not available.

Miles Morales 2020 suit

      • To unlock The key to unlock HTML0 is to complete all the tests for training and also the “Final Challenge” side-quest.
      • Modifications: not available.

Programmable Matter suit

      • Methods to Unlock:clear all Underground bases and Roxon labs, and finish your X-Files bonus quest.
      • Modifications: not available.

Purple reign suit

      • Methods to Unlock:Collect all sound collecting items, and then visit the Tramp Lair during the quest on the side.
      • Modification:Collecting trophies – silently knocking out an enemy in hand-to-hand combat, you get 1 ammo for the gadget.

Bodega Cat suits

      • The way to get it: Complete the “Cat’s Clothes” side quest after you have completed the story-based campaign. Spider-Man, a SEAL from the game, will take down your foes.

How do you unlock:

  • Modification: no

Spider-training suit

      • What is the method to unblock the game: open a new game and.
      • Suit Modifier Energy Conversion When a camouflage feature is turned off in a hurry, a portion of the energy that is not used up is transformed into bio-energy.

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