Spider-Man Miles Morales Guide – How to Find All the Cards

In the final chapter of the story of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the mother of the main character, has left specific clues in the shape of cards. This is the last quest of the game, and you will only be 100% successful when you have completed the entire quest.

Each card comes with a tiny puzzle and hints for you to solve. So if you’re stuck at any point and need assistance, we’ve got all the information you require in the below guide.

For those who don’t seem aware For those who aren’t aware, in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you take on the role of the brand New Spider-Man located in Harlem, Miles Morales, instead of the known Peter Parker. The new Spider-Man can transform into invisible and unleash electrical pulses on the opponent, giving the fighting system a new twist.

To begin collecting the cards, you have to complete all the stories. When you’ve completed the last mission, then return to your home as indicated on the map of the game, and then go to bed. If the player awakes, the first game card will be lying across his chest.

Each new card comes with an indication of where to go to get the next. You must go to the right place and search for a specific area according to the clue.

  • Location 1 Natural History Museum On the corner of the street you will find a statue of four figures with the globe. On top at the feet of one, is an old postcard.
  • Location 2:The Empire State Building. Go to the observation deck on the top of the building with an open area with tourists. There are binoculars in the area but one is damaged – this is where the clue is.
  • Location 3: Museum of Modern Art The museum is on the second level, and there you’ll find a gigantic snail. It is also a postcard.
  • Location 4: Nightclub C.O.D.B. The entrance is to the left from the entrance at the vent box. Take the lantern up and trace the clue using Spider web. The C.O.D.B. nightclub is located to left of the entrance to the main.
  • Location 5: Lobster Bill’s – Find the restaurant that bears the sign that resembles the shape of a huge lobster. Take a step on it and examine the tail. This is where the clue for the next one is.
  • Location 6: El Barrio – The card is located right next to the gate, next to the mailbox in red.
  • Location 7: C.J. Walker Park – there’s a basketball court in the park Check every ring. There’s an additional clue to one.

If you can find all the cards, you’ll finish the quest and get the Urban Explorers trophy.

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