Space Punks – Explosive Cooperative Action Movie Preview Review

We were invited to a press preview of the top-down multiplayer shooter Space Punks from Flying Wild Hog, the studio that is famous as the home of Hard Reset as well as Shadow Warrior. We’ll discuss our impressions of the game we played.

  • Producer: Flying Wild Hog
  • Publisher: Jagex
  • Please note: July 14 (Early Access on PC)

Flying Wild Hog is a team that has been focusing on developing action games at a fast pace since the beginning of its creative journey. The company has three divisions in Warsaw, Krakow, and Rzeszow, and their list of upcoming projects includes Shadow Warrior 3 fantasy thriller, Evil West – the Wild West monster shooter, Trek to Yomi – the Samurai-themed action game, and of obviously, Space Punks, which we’ll discuss briefly in this review.

  • Space Punks is a free-to-play cooperative action role-playing game that runs that runs on Unreal Engine 4 with elements of a service-based game and an looter-shooter. The game is planned to make money from the game through the sale of Founder’s Kits while it is in Early Access and combat passes as it becomes available.

  • The action occurs on multiple worlds, where players battle enemies and take on massive bosses. They will also create characters and pursue the highest loot. It’s an amazing and bizarre world where anything that could cause harm to you will attempt to kill you.
  • The game’s gameplay is based on cooperative play for four players, where players perform powerful combinations to do more damage. The developers point out that this manner won’t restrict players who prefer to play by themselves, but they will insist on a collective experience as a more immersive and immersive experience.
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  • Space Punks Space Punks characters are the social dregs Scavengers, pirates, and scavengers travel in the most hazardous locations to find riches and fame. However, they are not heroes and are only concerned about their health and well-being. When you start the game, four characters are available, Reminiscent of the legendary Starlord and Handsome Jack Duke, agile and deadly, by twin blades Eris and human Finn, a pig Finn, and an alien grasshopper Bob. Each character has distinct abilities and can be made unique by customizing equipment, skills, and other elements.
  • Gameplay is an isometric game that lets players carry out the primary and secondary duties of combat enemies, utilize special abilities, and collect loot. Battles can seem chaotic; the screen is filled with flashes and sparks, and comic book-like inscriptions are placed over opponents.
  • The game’s creators showed us battles with regular enemies and an enormous boss. Attractive features include a simple but informative interface (e.g., the skill bar is located at the center of the screen, active skills are greyed out, and rollback timers show up at the top of their button), High-energy action, which is achieved by quick combat or dodges and synergy between characters, where some players deal harm while others are supporting their fellow players as well as the need to adapt combat strategies to combatants’ behavior, and especially the bosses.

  • When the mission is completed after which, the player is taken to the hub, from where the player can switch between his characters (each one is given a separate boost and, presumably, as they’re used) and customize their appearance, sort all the treasure, swap and enhance skills and attributes in the ramified tree of talents. On the character screen, you’ll see that specific abilities work with other classes. For example, this allows you to stay close to particular characters to increase your attack.
  • On the first day of early access, the project will let you explore two planets: one of which is a deserted, overgrown forest. On the solar system’s map system, you can choose which planet the hero is going to, and on the globe map, you can view available missions and rewards. Select the difficulty and head into the battle.
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We’ll be revealing more details regarding Space Punks soon. The game is scheduled to be released as an early access game through MS (on the Epic Games Store) on July 14th. Its MS public beta version will be launched in the winter of 2018 and for console the game will launch in 2022.

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