Sony Inzone M9 Test

Sony hasn’t forgotten about their Playstation 5 in the M9 It’s already evident in its design, particularly the back cover that is completely white that can be illuminated with colour. The slanted stand is unique and has a V-shaped base that is attached to the stand. It has the huge benefit that the screen occupies a very small area – 19 centimeters. There is some room to accommodate the power supply from outside however, it’s not a huge beast also.

Like most installations, the process is easy. The V-piece needs to be secured to the base by the help of two Phillips screws. The monitor simply snaps to the base and secures in place. The only downside to this design would be that it can’t be turned in the opposite direction however this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s even more annoying it’s height adjuster is quite small at just 70 millimeters. For those who are tall it might be too uncomfortable in terms of an ergonomic posture. The range of tilt from 0 to 20 degrees On the other hand is fine.

The ports are on the back , as is normal while the labels are simple to read and not a requirement of course. Sony isn’t skimping on this. Apart from the DisplayPort 1.4 There are also two HDMI 2.1 ports, which means it is possible to connect two consoles as well as PCs without issue. A DisplayPort-compatible USB-C port is also available. Alongside an USB uplink as well as three USB-A ports. They are fortunate to have an KVM Switch function. There’s nothing to be unhappy about. It is however, a bit surprising in that M9 is the first monitor we’ve test that didn’t come without HDMI as well as DisplayPort cables. What a bargain at that price.

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In addition to its chic design The INZONE M9’s user-friendliness is as well. Right on the screen there’s a mini-joystick at the back to control the display on screen, and an independent power button. This is extremely useful and prevents you from accidentally shutting down the device. The OSD is simple and easy to read and has a wide range of choices and settings you’d like to have. A few gaming features include photo modes, switchable crosshairs, FPS counter or timer as well as black brightness included.

Alternately the settings can be adjusted using the INZONE Hub, which is a free PC application that can be used without the need for the need for an further USB connectivity to monitor. The software is clearly organized and user-friendly and it’s independent of any device, in the event you also have one of the INZONE headsets on your computer as well as the M9.

Let’s move on to the most crucial aspect. Sony utilizes an IPS panel which has 4K resolution and an 144-Hz refresh rate, with the response time of one milliseconds (gtg). This panel is not just NVIDIA G-Sync-compatible, but it also supports VRR through HDMI 2.1 and is perfect to one of the latest consoles. The DCI-P3 color spectrum is filled to 95 percent, and the accuracy of color is very high for gaming monitors. The display is DisplayHDR 600 certified.

The main highlight is, however, it’s Full Array Local Dimming with an astounding 96 zones with which the competitors in the same price bracket appears very pale. Samsung isn’t the only one. LG only have 16 and 8 zones and 16 zones, respectively. This means that you can enjoy clear contrasts in HDR mode and really worthy experience to see the color splendor. However, it’s even better: when you connect to a Playstation 5, the tone mapping using HDR automatically takes effect and will match that of the PS5 and the monitor exactly. The automatic switch between movie and game mode works perfectly with the console.
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The INZONE M9 therefore scores points on the PC and console particularly the PS5 it has a stunningly fine HDR display, stunning vivid colors and quick response times. With VRR, G-Sync/Adaptive Sync as well as micro-stutters or tearing are not a problem as they are flawlessly tuned with the source of input of the monitor. If there’s anything that to complain about on the practical side this is the two speakers that won’t shake anybody off of their feet using this superb monitor. However, let’s face it that the majority of gamers have separate speakers or headsets in use regardless.

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