Sony Inzone H9 Test

On first inspection, this well-constructed headset looks like an amalgamation of PlayStation 5’s Pulse 3D headset as well as the WH-1000XM5 WH-1000XM5 headset from Sony. The earpads as well as the suspension and head cushion are black. The rest of the headset is in Sony white and looks nicely with the PS5 console. However, the overall feel of the headset is some to be desired based on our preferences and doesn’t necessarily appear to be a 300-euro premium gaming headset. However, that doesn’t alter any of the craftsmanship is quite good overall.

It weighs about 350 grams, comes with spacious oval ear cups that are covered in silky synthetic leather. We find it to be quite semi-pretty. On one hand, it’s very sensitive and exhibits sweat and grease staining. We are concerned about the longevity of the synthetic leather that is thin. Particularly with regards to the fact that there’s virtually no ventilation, and sweat drips down streams in the current temperature. However, overall quality is decent, due to the swiveling earcups that are adjustable.

You’re not able to complain about the controls being to be overloaded. On the left side, you’ll find a volume adjustment and a Type-C port to connect charging the 1.5-meter charge cable as well as an Active Noise cancellation. On the right side, there’s a switch for chat and game sounds which lets you alter the volume independently. Also, there’s a power button, as well as a multifunction button that allows for BlueTooth operation. That’s the end of it.

The connection works through 2.4Ghz wireless using an USB dongle, which can be used with a PC or Playstation. Additionally, there is BlueTooth 5.0 that can be utilized in conjunction with the normal wireless operation. The use of a cable on however isn’t feasible, as it is not possible to use the USB cable is primarily used to charge the device, while the jack port option isn’t available. With a battery life of 32 hours (comes close) and quick charging (60 minutes of running time after charging for 10 minutes) This shouldn’t cause any issues particularly since you can charge the INZONEH9 in parallel to wireless operation using cable.

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On the board is a folding boom microphone, which has a flip-to mutes feature that is noticeable with a switch point. However, the microphone can be seen as the headset’s weakest point. While the voice signal is generally clear, the sound is muffled and does not have a lot of clarity. Furthermore, a significant volume of ambient noise gets taken into consideration – we’ve heard better microphones in this area. This is a error that a lot of manufacturers have been caught in. If you are buying a headset for 300 euros it is necessary to be expecting more.

On the other hand there is Active Noise Cancellation, which can be turned on with the touch of a button or by using the program, works great. Sony claims that it utilizes the same dual noise-sensing system that is used in those of the 1000X Series noise-canceling headphones. When it is activated, it does an excellent job of blocking out background noise regardless of the frequency range. If you’d like to hear sounds from the surroundings it is possible to activate an “ambient” mode. It’s great in the moment you’re waiting for the pizza delivery man to come through.

Within the headphones, 40mm drivers of our own design are in operation and cover the frequency range from 5 to 220,000 in Hz. For PCs, 360deg Spatial Sound is accessible via software but it is not supported on the console. Tempest 3D Audio, which is part of the Playstation 5 is also supported however. Certain channels inside the case, that act as Bass reflex ports give an additional bass thump when you listen to the lower frequencies.

It is evident that the INZONE H9 performs particularly well when gaming, and has a full sound even in its default setting. The bass is booming but not too loud sensitive sounds are not lost in the background. The headset can also cut an impressive figure when playing movies or music. Spatial Sound and Tempest 3D offer well-defined directional view which is an enormous advantage , especially for shooters of all types. There’s still a lot to gain from your headset. Not the very least when using the laptop.

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With Sony INZONE Hub, an free program for PCs it is possible to create a variety of adjustments. Music/Video, Bass Boost and Standard are all available as presets. Custom presets are possible by using an equalizer with 10 bands. It is also possible to set the balance of game chat with noise reduction, as well as the microphone, and enable 360deg Spatial. To do this, you have the option to take photos of your ear using an app that can create customized sound profiles for surround sound (you should definitely consider doing this also).

Be aware that the settings you set in the PC software will not have any effect when connected to the Playstation 5. A final tip: In the Windows Sound Settings, the H9 appears two times, as “Inzone H9 Chat” and “Inzone H9 Game”. This is the one you’re looking for since in the chat channel, you will hear music, but the software settings do not apply there.

In the end, we’re content with the sound of the headset during playing, particularly when the game gets more raunchy as the game Destiny 2 or Outriders. The directional vision in Spatial mode is very nice. Films and music played fine. The longer sessions were also easier to handle due to the comfort that is high-wearing. The heat build-up beneath the completely closed ears irritated us a little.

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