Songs Of Glimmerwick – A Cozy Game About The University Of Musical Magic By The Authors Of Eastshade

In the year 2019, Eastshade Studios launched an incredible game that focuses on the wandering artist Eastshade. The next project of the team, Songs of Glimmerwick is also not about on violence, but rather a peaceful lifestyle where you visit a wizard-musicians’ training center.

The authors explain their creation in the following manner:

The Land of Glimmerwick is famous for its magic school, which is why you’re fortunate – you are already enrolled! In this forest of fantasy, music is the secret to casting spells. Songs from the past make it simple to be in the garden and allow you to explore every part of the island. Through your flute and a songbook, you can join clubs and classes after school, become friends with your fellow students and town residents, discover the myriad of mysteries and oddities of Glimmerwick and enjoy an entire year of festivals, seasons as well as witchcraft-related curses in this relaxing role-playing game.

The most important characteristics that are the basis of The Songs from Glimmerwick:

  • Narrative quests focusing on characters and stories that are unique.
  • The garden is cared for by the garden of the University.
  • Every music is an enchanting spell. With the force of music, you can connect with trees, make instruments enchant as well as raise the earth and more.
  • A warm and cozy world where learning and eerie rumors local drama and festivals are waiting for you.
  • Full voiceover.
  • Pumping systems to aid you in working in your garden, trade, and even communicate with frogs.
  • Advanced activities: explore the island, track moths, hunt for shells, or take part in trips with green fairies into the forest.
  • Students can design their own appearance.

Songs of Glimmerwick will be available in 2023 for consoles and computers (Steam). The exact platform list isn’t yet known.

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