Songs Of Conquest For Heroes Fans Will Be Available In Early Access On May 10

Songs of Conquest is a contemporary indie-style version of the two-dimensional classic Heroes of Might & Magic. But is it as good as the gameplay? It will be available to test out in about a one and half month when the game is released with early access.

The developers of Songs of Conquest have released a new trailer, in which the outline, they talk about the gameplay. The game has a global map with artifacts, resources, and other magical locations are scattered. Also, there’s your city to build. Battles are played on an hexagonal grid. Every time you turn the table, your army produces the essence needed to cast spells. The units have additional capabilities like an archer who can put barricades in the direction of his.

As per everything, early access is expected to be extremely rich. There will be all the main gameplay elements at the same time Two campaigns with four factions, online and offline multiplayer, as well as the map editor that is used by the game’s developers themselves. We should be wary of any roughnesses that may occur with the game’s interface. Also, there will be translations as well as some game-related features.

Songs of Conquest will be available beginning on May 10, (Steam, EGS, GOG). The creators believe the game to be released out in early access within a year. The way the game will evolve will depend on the feedback of the public.

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