Solar Ash Test

This may sound strange, and perhaps this example will help understand the concept: You are walking with Rei on a regular route. Then, you initiate skate movement by pressing the shoulder button. Rei is faster and skates gracefully around the globe. Rei seems to sink one meter in when you reach the cloudy sea; however,, she appears again and begins to glide. After that, you leap onto a pole that sticks out of the clouds. You continue to slide along without losing momentum, and, after the long grind, you make a double jump and grasp hooks to get onto the platform. After that, Rei bounces back into the sand of cotton and then hurls towards a cloud structure that rises in the sky. Rei is rushing toward it, soaring through the almost vertical cloud formation, as the game’s world moves towards its left and right. At the highest point, when the camera swivels back to normal. Rei leaps from the clouds and onto solid ground. She takes a prize, for instance, or initiates a dialogue.

The whole thing looks pretty fluid and refined as if it was made from one mold – because Rei’s animated sequences are so spacious and beautifully animated as the vibrant world, with its numerous cloudy-soft elements, glides past you effortlessly. Overall, Solar Ash is an action-packed game, as it blends world exploration with jumping and provides an abundance of combat. However, the fast gameplay speed and a lot of jumping, grinding, and swinging make it a clear platformer and platforming. Solar Ash is more Sonic than Assassin’s Creed.

What has happened?

In the initial few minutes of playing, you may not understand the game initially. The game takes you into a faraway galaxy, where black holes take over whole planets. In the role of a”roadrunner,” it’s your job to keep your home planet from suffering this fate. Solar Ash bombards you with simple technical terms and snarky words, which you will learn to recognize and classify over the game’s course; however, especially in the beginning, it does not make an excellent job of telling the fascinating tale of a planet in the edge of the abyss. The gameplay element is entirely different. You’re relaxed in seconds as the movements and jumps are quick, and you’re eager to get into this fascinating 3D world immediately.

You must attract a mighty creature in each location and then hunt it down. It is done by finding the eyes of black across an area using a compass, then reaching them (which is a part of the game), and then ramming a spear through them. The final part of Solar Ash has come up using the following method: you hit one type of needle, and immediately the timer begins, and you must reach the second needle to hit it, too. Then, you climb or jump, grind, and drag Rei across the room, all with an expiration date breathing through your neck, and then finally, you’ll have to sink your weapon into the eye. Do not worry about it: these jobs can be difficult and require many skills – but never the sense of annoyance that pops up in gamers’ heads when they hear “time limitation.”

If all the eyes in the vast spaces have been taken by this method, the colossus appears in black and white and sometimes slides down out of reach or slowly emerges from the sea of clouds. In the colossus case, the vast enemies are (and not by chance) like the mythical enemies of the Playstation game of choice, Shadow of the Colossus. Like Fumito Ueda’s classic, Rei must leap on the enemies and cut through their weak points using his weapon. However, the action in Solar Ash is less dramatic and intimate but is revealed to be a quick-paced test of ability that puts your skill in Rei’s movements to the test.

Cloudy Wonderland

The various areas easily accessible from the main hub level (but there’s an option to travel quickly) are very diverse. There are such things as an abandoned old city, an overgrown temple and acid lakes with vital sandbanks, or an area with rock needles suspended in the air, from which cliffs the waterfalls drop. Naturally, it’s not realistic to expect realistic characters or high-resolution floor wallpapers – however, the distinct aesthetics are displayed very well and demonstrates the progress in technology that the indie Studio Heart Machine has undergone since Hyper Light Drifter.

Amid all the ruin and cloud-cuckoo-homes that aim to give you a fun playing and jumping experience, There are also some quiet places and a few hidden caves or dreamy lookouts in which Rei discovers the stories and letters of departed colleagues or even meet quirky residents. The dialogues, unfortunately only in English, are expertly transliterated textually into German and gradually create an original but coherent image of our world.

Between missions, Rei can also head to a small base in each region in which she talks to an AI, receives another informational update on her mission, or puts on suits that have individual components she discovered within the world. Solar Ash is a puristic single-player game that does not have any online features such as high scores, microtransactions, or high scores. After 10 hours, all the areas were explored. All monsters were defeated. It is a stunning piece of software for an upcoming studio that has only been a subject of attention for a 2D game.

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