Soccer Manager 2017, take your club to the top!

Like it was for last couple of seasons, Football Manager is the sole soccer simulator within its genre. In spite of its dominance, Sports Interactive doesn’t rest on its achievements and continues to add the latest features with every new installment.

A new 3D engine for games

The engine 3D of the game is not the main strength of football Manager which generally impedes the player’s immersion. The players who have robotic movements and a ball that instantly shifts its direction without touching players are flaws that can be criticized. However, FootballManager2017 offers us an entirely new engine3D and new pre-game animations this time around. You’ll be able to watch the players come from the tunnel warming up and shaking hands before the game. But, the animations can be taken out when you don’t like it.

This unique 3D engine enhances the motions of players, rendering their movements more automated. The physics of the ball has also been modified offering trajectoriesmorerealistic. However, the animations for the goalkeeper are, despite being redesigned, the weakest point of this 3D engine. The latest graphics engine comes with an fresh camera that puts you directly in front of your team’s goal like you’re sitting on the field.

The trainer’s personalization has been improved and now offers you more customizable options. This includes the option to offer Your face to your avatar trainer. To do this, nothing is simpler. Take a picture of yourself stored on your computer choose it from the customize menu and then follow the recognition marks which the game You Indicate.

An improved interface

The previous opus brought a revamptotaloverhaulof the interface by splitting the menu into two: a horizontal and a vertical menu. In the year was launched with the intention to sports Interactive was to give users the possibility of performing more from the inbox. The most notable change is that tips from the staff will now be available inside the mailer. The advices are more accessible than they were before. The tips have become significantly extensive as well as they are more frequently and replace the previous meeting with your staff. You can use the advice of your staff directly via your email inbox.

Transfer: Promise System and better-paying pay.

A real issue plagued Previousopus with salary, which included players asking for a salary that was excessive relative to the level of your club and budget. It was not unusual to have a player just from the amateur stage seeking a prohibitive salary. This is now corrected in this book. The players will request an wage that is appropriate to their skill level and also adequate in comparison to their previous salary.

The cost for mid-level players has been reduced. The clubs will no longer ask you for 50 millions euro for an athlete with a value of five millions.

The way players negotiate with you has been altered little. Indeed, some players can set conditionsbeforenegotiating a potential contract with you. You will, of course, be able to discuss these terms with the player, but at the risk of having him clorethenegotiations. The Football Manager version 2017 makes it’s possible to restart discussions with a player, or players who have rejected you, but quicker. The terms agreed upon between you and the participant and the terms you agree to be willing to accept will not be changed at the time of signing the contract.

Regarding players The AI of players has been altered. It’s not common for some of the players protest that you have refused an offer to transfer from another team regarding him.

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