Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Review – Repetition is the mother of learning Review

Polish Studio CI Games has been releasing Sniper Ghost Warrior games since 2010. If the initial parts of the series fell under the snide phrase “Polish shooter” then it is possible to not be referred to as that. The Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 game is to be one of the top games on snipers at this moment. Learn more about the game read our full review.

  • Producer: CI Games
  • Publisher: CI Games
  • Publisher:June 4, 2021

After the failure of the open world of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, the players decided to modify the game’s concept to Sandbox levels. In these, players who are professional snipers who has the name Raven have to meet agreements to kill targets at least with passing tests.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, launched in 2019, and was a sort of Relaunch of the series took the main character to Siberia The brand new Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 transforms the cold into heat The action of the game takes place in the fictional city in Quamar within the Middle East, where Raven must take on the widow of the local dictator who took over the country and her followers, whose goals could lead to an all-out war.

After a brief introduction, we’re presented with the window for mission selection initially, it seems confusing: just five missions? The first impression is misleading that each map can be delayed by several hours even to finish the principal contracts.

The first impression can be deceiving.

If you wish to be attentive to the test, you can easily multiply the time at least two times. A lot of them do not overlap (for instance, they require you to kill the target in various ways) So, those who are perfectionists are required to go back to previously visited map. Tests are separated into levels of difficulty and the ones in bronze are the most simple, while the silver ones are the most difficult and the gold ones take an enormous amount of effort.

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It’s worth it because Completing challenges earns you money and counters. The latter can be used to purchase weapons and their upgrades. You’ll find twelve medium-, shortlong-range and medium-range rifles for snipers, a variety of assault rifles, firearms like pistols, as well as numerous gadgets such as various kinds of grenades, first aid kits, drones as well as an autonomous turret and many more.

Pickets however they are essential to improve your skills. They can be used to enhance the skills of snipers. For instance, you can enhance your tactical visor which can illuminate enemies at the press of an button, ledges which you can climb as well as other items. You can also enhance your suit with armor platesto lessening the sound of your movements, increasing the amount of ammunition you carry, and so on.

The location within Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is divided into two kinds. The first is a vast area that you can freely move across. The map is made up of many zones that are crowded with mercenaries. Often there is a need to escape into the home of your adversaries, and your responsibilities do not limit to the elimination of undesirable individuals You may also be required to, for example, download the virus on the network of computers. The other type of location is “sniper” means that you’ll be required such a scenario, like in Hitman: Sniper Challenge, to be in ambush, and then shoot targets from the distance of more than one kilometer.

The other type of place is “sniper” is where you need to shoot targets, such as Hitman: Sniper Challenge, be in ambush and aim at targets from an altitude of more than a one kilometer.

Whatever way you choose, you’ll enjoy stunning Eastern landscapes, ridiculous enemies (seriously sometimes I’ve had to practically crawl under the eyes of fighters) and impressive displays of a massive bullet hitting the carcass of an enemy, which delights in the detail of the destruction of the area of the body in which the bullet struck. To get it to hit precisely it is necessary to be in an upright posture, breathe deeply and consider gravity, and also the force and speed of the winds. If you are successful it, a red dot within the reticle indicates the exact location of the bullet however, you can switch off this feature to make it even more real.

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On the other hand however, you can’t save in any game, and checkpoints can be a bit useful. Certain areas have a complex structure that can be challenging to get around. You can, if you’d like, put the sniper rifle from behind your back and attempt to resolve issues using the classic open-air combat however it’s not advised even though your adversaries aren’t the smartest and accurate, they can shoot with precision and on alarm, they’ll quickly run around. This isn’t a problem to be aware of when you suspect you’re playing an Call of Duty clone.

In the end, it’s unlikely CI Games will be able to pull off the same trick for the third time. Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is an excellent game however it’s an update of the first installment, with all that’s different is the area. In spite of the complete absence of excellent sniper simulators Contracts 2 simply has no rivals, however I do hope for the next part in the series will give us something new.

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