Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, a not fully assumed change

The Sniper Ghost Warrior, for those who are more experienced, it’s two rather ordinary first releases that have caused people to talk about them because of their shortcomings. Many bugs, low A.I., missions scripted to be a possibility, and the list goes on. However, CI Games has decided to create the most clean and fresh slate of everything and introduce some completely innovative things. The highest list is an open world set in central Georgian landscape. The map, divided into three sections, isn’t huge; however, it gives the player a largely lacking choice before . The option of choosing between the main or side mission, choices of routes, how to get there, this new opus provides a variety of options and is a pleasure to play. But we’re way from the last Ghost Recon, released only just a few weeks ago. A quick review highlights some issues: smaller maps and the inability to customize your character as well as other issues. The examples aren’t lacking.

TEST Under load

4.35 minutes. That’s the time record it took my backup to download. Even though this has only occurred once, the rest range from two to 3 minutes. That’s quite a bit high. In the process of moving from a game that is closed with levels made up of a set of “corridors” to an open-world, it feels as if CI Games wanted to go faster than the music. If it were restricted to the loading times that are also in between the video and the game’s return, it would be easy to skip the sponge. This also impacts the graphics that are not up to the current standard in addition to on the many bugs that are present like legs that stick out of the bathtub when you attempt to cover a body or an unnoticeable weapon that you hold in your hands.

One of the many bugs in the game.

It’s a good thing, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 doesn’t have all the flaws. Particularly, on the many good ideas is the management of inventory.In this case, you’ll have to use your ammunition with care. They aren’t available in abundance but almost everywhere along your journey. To replenish your fuel, you’ll need to Go through your belongings to purchase some or make some by picking the material from the materials you pick.

In addition, money is needed to buy new weapons, and upgrades
. Crafting your ammo isn’t a second-rate option; in fact, contrary. However, it is a vital aspect to consider for your game regarding upgrades. It’s about your capabilities and your abilities or “gadgets” in your guns. The system is well-planned.

Not too complicated, not too easy, it is a perfect balance. The game is pretty good.

The title suggests the major part of the game is focused on accomplishing objectives while being as quiet as it is, and the game is designed in this sense. Thus, you’ll be able to climb up rocks or even buildings. It’s pretty easy (sometimes even a little bit super-powered considering all the equipment that you’re carrying around with you!) to locate places that are high enough to shoot your target from a distance or to find locations before entering.

The gun-inhand feel is quite cool.
Your headshots are also accompanied by a killcam that follows your bullet’s trajectory in slow-motion. What a delight to turn on your foes even while being a reasonable distance away, far from danger! A minor drawback, however, for the driving portion.

The speed impression isn’t present, and the view from the cockpit is the only visible view.
The problem is that it can be very difficult to maintain the visibility around you.


The settings are hardly different

The landscape is steep, with various terrains surrounded by large green areas ( occasionally covered in snow). There are only a few structures in a few places that break from the monotony.

The alternation of night/day

This created the illusion of two distinct worlds in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, is a bit of anecdote. It doesn’t affect your method to play, or your perception of the smoothness of the scene.

An Efferalgan will not be enough to cure his headache.

The AI is improved but appears to be programmed using Russian roulette. A soldier can be able to spot you in a fraction of a second and more than 200 meters away, and only a small portion of your head is visible on an elk crate. The next time, a soldier will not be able to see the soldier who is just ten feet away, but with a bloody puddle over his head.

The story, which is rather tidbitsy it concludes in 10 minutes. This might seem to be a bit short, however, because the game becomes quite repetitive and frustrating because of bugs however, it’s sufficient.

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