Snakebyte Gaming:Seat Evo Test

The overall appearance is tidy. It is, however, evident that plastic is the predominant material. The cross, as well as the rollers, are not made of metal. Mainly, the cross is composed of steel in more expensive models. The chair, however, is stated to have a maximum weight of up to 139 pounds. We wouldn’t attempt to test this in the long term. It’s also apparent that the whole thing is a little sloppy and a little unstable. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly priced, and that’s not just what it looks like.

The Gaming: Seat EVO could earn points for the comfort of the seating, however. The padding is just the right balance of firmness and comfort. The anti-slip synthetic leather used as the cushion’s cover cushions feels comfortable and is sturdy. The lumbar and neck pillows are also highly comfortable. It’s also nice that the seat is extremely spacious at 50 x 50cm and doesn’t entrap you.

The seat’s height can be adjusted from 46 cm to 54 centimeters. This should be sufficient for people of average size. At 185 cm, however, it may not be enough. The backrest can be adjusted to 170 degrees indefinitely. So it is possible to rest. The armrests are comfy and softly cushioned, which is comfortable. But they aren’t adjustable at all, which is not expected at this price point. The armrests are attached to the backrest. As such, they move as the backrest adjusts them. In the end.

In terms of optics, the chair appears classy with its matte faux leather and fabric appliques available in three shades (black, blue, green, and blue). It’s all about taste. However, there is it’s something for everyone’s taste.

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