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The smelter is a method action-platformer influenced by classic games from the 16-bit period. The game’s protagonist, Smelter, alongside his loyal Zirm forces by expanding Smelter’s territories throughout all of the Rumbly Lands in top-notch plan sizes before launching into exciting side-scrolling action stages following the annexation of central locations. Build, attack, and build your armyunlock, upgrade and unleash the power of action against a barbarous enemy, dangerous environments, and dangerous bosses. Let the power of Smelter!


After the tragic devastation of the Garden, Eve finds herself in a secluded universe, with her beloved Adam missing. While searching for Adam, Eve encounters Smelter, a wildly confident flying monster who has the power to fuse and transform with others, giving incredible abilities. He offers his seemingly”invaluable” help, Smelter transforms and unites Eve. They embark on a journey to the dangerous Rumbly Lands. They expand Smelter’s domain, allowing them to explore further into the various parts to discover what happened to her son Adam hoping to find him in one piece and find the way back to their peaceful living…


Hybrid gameplay that combines high-quality strategy and fast-paced gameplay.
Discover amazing, diverse worlds that range from terrifying to gorgeous.
* Master three sets of abilities that include more than 40 enhancements available in various challenges. This allows for different combat actions, protection, and motion strategies.
* Turn on the”Smelt” capacity. This can be used in battle or on items to search through difficult terrain.
* Get a whoop-ass who can work on tough 2D action levels and enemies and supervisors with their own stories!
* Expand your business into several areas by using a variety of construction types as well as updates and other components.
Discover a myriad of secrets, including extremely secure updates, as well as hard-as-nails trial sums.
* Get to know various characters whose characters include the bizarre to the completely obnoxious.
* Stone into a great music track that combines guitar and synth and songs by Evader and the closing and opening themes from Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Shovel Knight).

Technical Specifications for This Release.

  • Hit the Install game button
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Run the game
  • Enjoy!

How to download Smelter Android APK

Smelter APK Download

Smelter is a platform action game with a retro feel. Like the Mega Man X series, you must make precise jumps to traverse gaps and platforms, and bounce between walls. While you can’t simply jump on top of enemies, you can pummel them with a series of melee attacks. The more you play, the more upgrades and collectibles you’ll unlock. Smelter also has two main storylines: the first is an interactive tale of a young boy who accidentally gets separated from his mother. The sequel is an even more interesting concept, but it has a lot of flaws.

The first part of the game is incredibly fun, but the second half of the story is the hardest. The gameplay is very challenging, similar to Megaman X, with a lot of spaced out checkpoints that you need to reach to progress the story. However, once you get past the first level, it’s not as much fun as it might sound. Smelter has many great features, such as a satisfying overworld gathering experience.

The storyline is an incredibly clever one, as you must build settlements on different lands in order to gather the necessary ingredients. The combat is equally engaging, with the Smelter’s armor serving as a sort of armor for Eve. As the game progresses, the plot takes on a more strategic nature, with the Smelter attempting to expand his control over the land. Despite its strategic and platforming elements, Smelter is still an enjoyable experience for anyone who loves this genre.

The game is a lot of fun. The story is engaging, and the characters are well-drawn. There’s a lot of variety in the game, with several different kinds of abilities and weapons. As the world continues to grow, Smelter’s powers become stronger and more powerful. Adding more powers to him will allow him to perform more dangerous tasks. This game is definitely not for beginners, and the learning curve is very steep.

Smelter APK Download

Smelter is an incredibly fun, challenging puzzle-platformer. Its pixel-art style is incredibly beautiful, and the physics are excellent. Despite its flaws, Smelter is still a solid choice for those who like this genre. If you’re looking for a new adventure with an uplifting story, Smelter is an excellent choice. It’s a great game for everyone!

Smelter is a platforming action game that involves a story that starts from the Genesis story. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden until they ate the apple of knowledge and became immortal. Smelter is a winged creature that appears at the end of a level, and the game begins. The character is also interesting and has plenty of abilities. While Smelter has an interesting storyline, it also makes for a great experience.

How to download Smelter Mobile

Smelter is a platforming and strategy game that blends the classics with the latest technology. In Smelter, you will explore vast lands, collect resources, and upgrade your smelter’s abilities. You will also learn how to reload levels and complete special tests in order to level up your Smelter’s skills. The gameplay is challenging, but rewarding, and you’ll want to play the game again.

Smelter is a 3D puzzle game that takes place in the world of Eden. Eve has lost her husband to the sands, and she now hunts for him in an unfamiliar land. But the sands are full of monsters, including the Smelter, an overconfident winged creature that can fuse with human beings. This is a game that challenges your thinking and strategy skills.

Smelter is an action-platformer hybrid that combines elements of classic 16-bit games. In the game, you lead the forces of Zirm, expanding the Rumbly Lands. You can also dip into side-scrolling activity stages, which are filled with traps. You can upgrade your smelter with elemental action abilities, and fight dangerous enemies with your powerful weapons. You can also buy upgrades for your Smelter, as they can help you defeat enemy bosses.

The Smelter is an android app developed by “luo baosong”. Its creators claim that the game has millions of users and that it’s free to play. The developers promise a fun, addictive experience with an adventure-filled storyline. While the game is free to play, it’s best to download Smelter on your Android device in order to get the most out of it.

Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, you should receive a notification from your device. Tap it should start installing. Don’t delete the notification until the installation is complete. Once the installation is completed, Smelter will appear in your Android’s app drawer. You can then select it and install it to your device. You can also downgrade the Smelter to another version if you’d like to try it out more.

After downloading the APK, you can access the APK file from your phone’s file manager. To install Smelter, you need to first enable the installation of third-party apps. Afterwards, you can navigate to the download folder in the Android device’s file manager. You can tap the APK file to install Smelter on your device. Now, you can start collecting gold and other items.

To download Smelter for mobile, you must navigate to the website of the developer. Once you’ve found the site, click on the QR code. If you’ve found the right website, you should have no problems downloading the APK file. Once you’ve downloaded the APK, open the file on your device and install the game. You’ll have to install the full version of the Smelter APK file on your device.

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