Simple Depth Of Combat And Familiar Relationships With Npc – Details About Haunted Chocolatier A Game From The Author Of Stardew Valley

In the fall of 2021 Eric Barone who is the creator of Stardew Valley released a new action-RPG that is a life simulation game that is called ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier. The game’s creator recently revealed information about the game during an interview VGKami.


  • The Haunted Chocolatier combat system is designed to be simple to master, yet it is a deep concept. Baroni plans to adopt the battle-spirit of 2D action-RPGs, and surpass genre boundaries in unique ways.
  • The arrangement of relationships between NPCs and the public will be similar those at Stardew Valley, however, it will not be without innovation.



  • As Stardew Valley The next adventure Baroni has been creating entirely from scratch and is moving forward. Despite 10 years of industry knowledge, the designer is still learning new things and is currently creating Haunted Chocolatier.
  • Baroni has working on the main aspects in the game. However, he’s considering what “little surprise” will be added after the primary phase of development is completed.
  • One of the biggest issues in Haunted Chocolatier (and Stardew Valley, for instance) is that during the initial stage in Baroni manufacturing, it’s difficult to determine what will make the game enjoyable. The game has several interconnected mechanics that will be discovered at the end of the development.
  • The two games are written using C#, which is the C# programming language. To create Stardew Valley the XNA Framework toolkit was used as well as for Haunted Chocolatier MonoGame. The reason is XNA is old-fashioned, whereas MonoGame is open-source, cross-platform and a lively community.
  • In contrast to Stardew Valley which was which was inspired from Harvest Moon, the game doesn’t draw on the existing entertainment. The concept of Haunted Chocolatier was born out of a misunderstanding when Baroni created an entire room on his knees to play with, where you could play, run around, swing an ax and battle monsters.

ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier will be launched on PC and perhaps not named consoles. There’s no official release date however, don’t expect the game for too long.

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