Silence: The Whispered World II, a world between life and death

Silence is created by Daedalic Entertainment and published by Deep Silver. The game was originally planned in 2014, it was finally released on November 15th in 2016.. It was delayed a bit and a long sitting…

This sequel is another game called The Whispered World, released in English in 2010. It is unnecessary to have played the original opus to appreciate the sequel. The earlier adventures will be brief to comprehend the plot and the characters and understand the significance of the journey they’ll be able to experience.

The other side of the mirror…

In this game, you take on the role of Noah and his tiny sister Rennie Two orphans who live in a small village in a universe like our own. In an environment where war is raging, the two have to flee and hide in a bunker to escape the bombings. In their bunker, they witness their village burning until their shelter collapses simultaneously. Then they will be awakened ” in another side ” and enter the land in Silence.

Silence is a place for Noah, a dream world between death and life that Noah escaped to many years ago, until the time he could return to the realm of the living. Noah is already aware that it is possible to find a mirror in the realm of silence and the option to choose… The decision is easy, locate your mirror to destroy to go home, or be the King of the World of Silence and surrender your life.

While on your quest, you’ll also be joined with Spot the caterpillar, a small one that has a surprising ability. The spot is a long-time friend and a creature from the realm of Silence who appears linked to you in some way.

In the world of Silence, Beauty, creativity, and creativity are the kings.

Before we can get into the game, it’s essential to consider the game’s graphics quality. Silence is identical to the art that was shown at the time that the game’s announcement was made and was suggested. The cinematics is gorgeous but the same quality has been added to the entire game. The focus on graphics gives the best visual consistency across the world, the setting, and the character.

A truly immersive world then it comes that comes with its own amazing creatures, monsters and scenery.

Between the puzzles and dilemmas, my heart is bouncing

Silence is a Narrative Point’n’Click game, where you have to click on specific parts of the scene for interaction with them and help you get out of tricky situations. You will be plunged into a completely unknown world to you, and you may be required to look around, explore, and apply reasoning to solve the problems presented to you.

A lot of puzzles are based on the interactions between various characters that appear on the scene and the assistance of Spot, your lepidopteran companion who is the only one to carry out certain actions due to his abilities.

Alongside the Point’n Click dimension, the game allows you to affect the story and dialogue. While the choices you need to make won’t influence the game’s outcome, they let you decide the pace of play for your characters. Do they wish to be alive at all costs, or would they prefer to take a chance to die to avoid a sacrifice? Do they like to run away from conflict or confront their adversaries despite all odds?

Even when the universe threatens players with moral and logic-based issues the game’s duration is not long enough for you to immerse yourself in the story fully. Moreover, the small influence you influence the protagonists’ fate doesn’t assist much.

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