Shu, a platform game in 2.5D!

A world that is in danger demands heroes!

Shu is part of an band of birds who live in peace as well as peace within their community. Then, the whole world is in danger by an unsettling and devastating storm which destroys everything that is that is in its way. To help the villagers, the elders decide to give up his life to enable the villager to escape and stay alive. They then decide to take refuge on a mountain that stands the altar of a goddess when she is summoned with the help of a song. This one will shield the villager from this apocalyptic calamity.

We are Shu who must climb up to fifteen levels in order to locate and bring back the villager and take them up the mountain to be able to save them.

A variety of characters that have multiple talents!

In this community, each member has exceptional capabilities and can assist the player in overcoming challenging and changing obstacles. Shu can, for instance, glide and follow the air currents, which are, in actuality, the only skills that remain in play from the beginning until the end to the end of.

When Shu comes across a character that he likes, he takes it and is placed directly in front of the player. The first characters we meet within the games include Toro and Lati. The former lets us tear down platforms with our feet to progress further or rescue bonus fledglings. Lati sings whenever we ask her for her permission to open blue flowers to be arranged on which Shu can land.

Shu meets two new characters who have different abilities in each new place. And after we have finished this one, the hot balloon flies in to collect the two villagers we helped save to transport them back to safety on the mountain.

At first, characters served as extra lives (if it was a storm that came up with Shu and he was unable to escape, it took the form of the form of a villager which enabled us to live) while the gamer could have a longer time to escape the storm. The game’s developers decided to eliminate this idea since it was not suitable for the players. If the character who had a unique capability died and the game was to come up with a way that made it clear that the ability wasn’t needed.

Two kinds of levels

The first step is to come across our most basic levels where it’s sufficient to walk along in a calm manner to avoid obstructions, holes, or even pain-inducing objects that are thrown at us. These levels let us learn about the new capabilities that we’ve acquired thanks to the people we meet during the journey.

But, the biggest challenge comes from Auto-scrolling Levels and, in these cases, we are caught in an incoming storm and have to be as swift as we can to avoid being trapped by it. At this moment, we need to be able to demonstrate an excellent grasp of the new capabilities we have acquired, use them at the right time and with precision because the storm won’t give us anything!

It is simple to learn and, in general, because the player is given five lives per level , and once the player reaches an unmarked checkpoint, five lives return. It is important to note that the five lives aren’t enough to finish the auto-scrolling levels , which are often very difficult to master.


When speed and beauty collide!

In addition, the game is stunning visually. It allows us to discover multiple universes by way of the various levels, and also the

The music is good and beat-like.

So, go at your own pace and allow yourself to be swept by the wind and music!

There will also be a chance to play every level

Six birds,
A tablet piece and Many golden butterflies to collect to ensure that you are in a position to complete the game on a high level.

Are you lacking challenge? Do you find the game too simple? You are free to test the Time trial mode that is available after you have completed each level. This is made available after you complete an achievement and permits you to compete against players from around the around the world. Welcom to the world of speedrun!

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