Shadow Tactics: Blades of the shogun, the resurrection of a forgotten genre!

A little bit of history, and lots of nostalgia

Daedelic Entertainment behind licenses, like Silence as well as Silence is attempting to revive a genre that hasn’t seen any success in the past decade : strategic strategy games.

Many gamers who are older than a few years old will recall games like Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, which was released in 2001 and featured the Western universe or its predecessor: Commandos which was set during World War II, it was also the one which revolutionized the tactical infiltration game that are sometimes known as commands-like.

The game that left my heart swell at the moment is Robin Hood: the Legend of Sherwood, an adorable little game that tells Robin Hood’s adventures. Robin and Locksley. We’re fourteen years later, and we’re playing the game that we’ll need to add to this list within a couple of years!

Shadow Tactics and conspiracies in the land of the rising sun

There is no Far West or World War in this license! The game takes players on a trip to 16thcentury Japan and the Tokugawa period. At this point, it’s not the Emperor that governs but the shogun who runs the nation’s military and economy.

It is important to note that the Edo the period isn’t used extensively in modern games. One of the most relevant examples is Total War : Shogun 2 (in which we are given the option of supporting either the empire or the shogunate).

Let’s end the story! in Shadow Tactics you are under the aegis of the current Shogun in the process of ensuring peace in the nation. He is not afraid to call in an entire team of experts with different talents to accomplish this. 13 missions on your own that have the duration of approximately two hours are ready for your participation!

“What is the consequence of using that rock to break down the security guard?”

As in the previous games, the characters have special skills! Our first player is nothing but an Shinobi known by known by the title of Hayato, capable of throwing the dangerous shuriken or even distracting the guards. Following him will be Yuki Yuki, the child who is as capable of being as agile as a cat, and equally wild, capable of laying a dangerous trap on the ground and lure opponents by playing the flute. They will then be added the GeishaAiko” adept at covert infiltration, stealth and deflect of the attention of.

The three main characters in the above are among the fastest of the group capable of climbing ladders, climb vines and grasp hooks that have grappling hooks, leap from roof to roof and proficient in aerial assassinations.

Their less agile counterpart is not the intelligent Takuma, an older man with a keen eye! Armed with a Sniper rifle that he can be capable of shooting a target from about every distance (as long as he’s got ammunition). The second is Mugen Mugen, an imposing Samurai who will not hesitate to take out enemies in the hundreds when they’re placed together. Moreover, with the ability to carry large weights and two corpses at once, He will also be capable of interacting with specific parts of the scenery to make use of the elements to his advantage!”

The combination of characters with their distinct skills provides a variety of possibilities to complete levels. Utilizing a sake bottle to lure soldiers, creating a trap, so you can kill the man before the bottle can be obtained, or using the geisha’s tricks to remove enemies in the back of the guard.

The landscape, the sword, and customs

Shadow Tacticts is a game that immerses us in stunning settings. The architecture is very reminiscent of the Edo period. The environments provided by the game are various campaigns set within the cities, mountains, fortresses, and daytime, and night. The advantage is that it offers multiple gameplay features based upon the conditions of weather (footprints that are buried in snow and more or less sound during rain, etc. ).

Furthermore, some levels live and are populated by enemies. There are also merchants, peasants, and civilians who could alert you if they spot that you are there. Let’s discuss it. Like in Desperados, some enemies are more or less tolerant to specific diversionary or offensive tactics. For example, Samurai cannot be carried out discreetly, but only Mugen is a threat to their troops, and certain kinds of soldiers take a dive into the sake bottle found in the middle of the path while other types will just ignore it.

The discernment is essential when playing this sport. When the alarm goes off, most of the security guards in the area will be able to search for you. And as in the case that wasn’t enough, other guards will leave certain buildings without returning; they’ll continue to patrol even after things are settled down. We deeply regret the fact that these buildings do not have an interior. They are simply doors that connect.

The game has 3 difficulty settings in the beginning of the game. This one being adjustable between missions. It doesn’t seem to alter the number of enemies significantly, but the time they react before you can spot them in their fields of vision, represented by the cone.

The vision field will be split into two separate areas that are striped. The first is where you’re not visible when you’re in a seated position, while the other is the distance you are visible at all times (except concealment). It is essential to note the constant presence of a saves button on the right at the very top. your most trusted companion when you are on the road.

An exceptional design

Every level in Shadow Tactics is a sequence of puzzles and planning. What can you do to stop the patrol? How do you sneak into the camp undetected? There are many questions and more methods to address these questions! The game includes an event planner, also known as The Shadow, which lets you create the sequence of actions you want to follow one after the next.

The graphic style is akin to the universe, and the minimalist aesthetic in Mimimi as well as Daedelic can be an easy choice! The camera can be turned by pressing the default Alt key. Camera movement is mandatory to stay clear of accidental enemies or civilians that are who are hidden in a corner or a corner of the map.

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