Severed Steel Review – The Art of Killing Review

The game’s creators from Greylock Studio have taken – and created one of the most influential shooters in 2021. We explain in our review of the game why it merits your interest.

  • Producer: Greylock Studio
  • Publisher: Digerati
  • Release date: September 17, 2021

The principal character Severed Steel is an armed mercenary named Steel which has suffered a loss of an arm and is seeking revenge against an evil corporation. The game’s plot can be explained in a single sentence; however, that’s probably not good enough because nothing distracts from the action, and the story is presented by comic strips that appear between chapters.

The project is focused on the game’s gameplay, and it’s fantastic in this. It could be described as “SuperHOT and Max Payne”: Severed Steel has short levels for puzzles and the requirement to continuously play with weapons from the beginning and the second, the dilation of time bullet time, which you’ll be in a state of desperation.

As time passes, however, enemies are tagged unusually or tagged. Steel ceases to exist after two or three strikes. When you trigger a trick, the colors are brighter, enemies become less aggressive, and their marksmanship disappears. There are numerous tricks in this book, from typical aiming to running through walls and double jumps and rolls.

Every firefight becomes the dance of death where the protagonist slides through the walls and floor as she leaps into the air, does somersaults and blows weapons out of the hands of enemies, and shoots shot at headshots. Don’t be aggressive and creative, and you’ll reach the start of the level quickly. Severed Steel has no checks, and the area is reopened after death.

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Be aware that Steel has just one hand, and there is no mechanism for reloading to the game. When you’re out of ammunition, The weapon is suitable for throwing it at your adversaries. It is possible to purchase a new gun right in the middle of the battle by removing it from your adversaries. The trim levels the game has more than once led me to think of SuperHOT.

Furthermore and more, In Severed Steel, you can also make use of the destructibility of the surroundings: knock the door, then nail the mercenary to it, and fly into the room via the glass, firing enemies at high speed then, once the Steel is equipped with a special weapon that is attached to the spot of the arm that was lost, you can create holes in walls similar to Red Faction or Teardown. With it, you can take advantage of this to get to your target, overcome obstacles, or tear up the floor beneath your opponent’s feet by destroying the floor directly above, rather than being able to reach him through the stairs. An indispensable tool.

The game looks fantastic and has a neon-cyberpunk look that is reminiscent of Syndicate as well as Tron. The clean and neat locations won’t detract from the action, and enemy lines are drawn out if you’re having difficulty understanding the outlines. If you have an RTX card, your image is even more stunning because Severed Steel supports ray-tracing; however, the explosion of reflections could be confusing and have a negative impact.
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The only issue with this game is it’s very short and is played over two or three evenings. You can extend the fun with the challenge mode (with mods) or by navigating to the Steam Workshop for interesting custom levels, but it is an outstanding duration game that doesn’t boast.

Severed Steel has over 90 percent favorable feedback on Steam, and its website has a long list of accolades. This is not surprising since the combination of gunfights, Acrobatics with nonstop action give players a game in which they will be enthralled.

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