Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Test

In the same way, Sam is still on the lookout to find General Brand and has recently climbed over that Thunderbird oil rig, making his journey to Tunguska to face off in the showdown. The adventure was joined by the developer’s team Croteam and Timelock Studios, sending you across Russia.

Action-related crazy in Russian

At the site, the ideal areas are waiting in various locations, from snowy villages to an oil refinery complex and frozen coasts. As usual, you’ll be fighting against the creatures of Mental, who will swarm you from one location to the next, chasing your dozens or hundreds of times. The long-running series’ concept, which is “mass instead of classes,” is subsequently exaggerated by Siberian Mayhem.

Even in the initial mission, the exceptionally high difficulty level is apparent and shouldn’t surprise. On one side, it is true that the standalone DLC will be released towards the close of Serious Sam 4 for a reason and aims to appeal to fans who are hardcore. However, Timelock Studios is the co-developer. Timelock Studios consists of former modders who had a lot of enjoyment creating the real nastiness. For instance, in the initial level, you’ll find a tiny, enclosed area within which you’ll be attacked in a flurry by the ferocious Kleer Skeletons.

In keeping with the series, you’ll be dependent on health objects to repair the damage – similar to the first-person shooters of the 90s. It is also recommended to learn to save manually. The autosave points are far away, and the battles between them are lengthy and clear.

A little bit of new on the front

Since the engine is similar to the one in Serious Sam 4, the advancements are minimal. However, the game has the latest weapons, aside from wholly revamped areas. The first is the strong crossbow, which can take down giants as large as an advertisement bull in regular play or kill several creatures in line with just one shot. Also, you’ll need to be ready for a variety of new foes like the Draconian Burner, which has its fiery lasers, a hefty legionnaire armed with a solid steel shield, and an enormous mechanical tower that can frighten the player from a distance.

Additionally, you can unlock abilities to unlock, which require sparkling purple orbs. These let you carry two handguns simultaneously, as an example, or replenish a portion of your life’s energy each time you take out an opponent near the knife.

A point of contention that has already caused concern for gamers during the build-up is the size the game offers. Siberian Mayhem: Although the spin-off is not the price of Serious Sam 4 at around 20 euros, there are just five levels instead of 15 levels, that at first glance, divides the time of playing into three parts. But, the sections are incredibly vast and expansive. The conclusion is that the stand-alone DLC will keep you entertained for between five and six hours, based on your level of interest in the available side missions.

In terms of technical aspects, there is no doubt that nothing has changed. However, the product’s aesthetic quality is greatly dependent on the environment and the surrounding. If the outdoor with its huge areas look stylish, the refined or the various interiors appear dull and uninspiring.

The good news is that it’s finally released; even if Serious Sam 4 was still quite buggy when it was released, Siberian Mayhem ran stable and nearly flawlessly during our playtest. It was only the lengthy loading times and some intermittent issues with the game’s start-up right following the start of a mission where the fun stopped playing for a couple of seconds that was not evident to us.

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