Serious Sam 4 secrets and surprises

If you feel there aren’t enough bosses to choose from in Serous Sam 4, it’s time to locate and eliminate every character within the game. We’ll tell you where to locate them and how to create them.

Croteam’s concept Serious Sam 4 does not seem to be an engrossing story-telling game that has philosophical undertones. It is a lively “meat” shooter. And the only realistic setting is the one for Sam Stone – a tough guy, whose character is made available by the user. Fighting off hordes and leaving behind piles of dead bodies, Sam and his friends must fight the Mental horde and save the world.

The game is full of ways to play: this includes tools, hidden upgrades, and even a few hidden bosses. There is no need to take on these however, is it really possible to refuse yourself the pleasure of being able to showcase a different villain who is the toughest? Do it, and let no boss, even the most secret escape Sam! Sam!


  • 1 . Secret bosses from Serious Sam 4
    • 1. One King from Cows
    • 1.2 Big Guy Piron
    • 1.3 Count Dracula
    • 1.4 Lava Golem

The secret bosses of Serious Sam 4

There are currently 4 hidden bosses to be found on Serious Sam 4. Certain bosses can be discovered accidentally while exploring the map, while others require you to complete specific actions. Follow our guidelines so that you don’t be able to miss them.

Cow King

As you walk across that bridge from”Death From Above “Death from Above” chapter You come across an archway that is surrounded by the grates. There’s a warning message on the grate, which has an image of a cow, as well as an inscription prohibiting you to go into the territory that is part of the project. If you do shoot at it you will be greeted with the words “The King of Cows is offended by your indiscretion!” is displayed, along with your secret boss.

Healthy Piron

Health Piron is at the spot where you take on the Reptiloid. To find him, head towards the exit, and walk left before going down. Then, go into the arches in the back of the pedestal, and eliminate all enemies till they cease appearing. Then, there will be an explosion, and then the Piron will appear and with it a message. Be careful not to be injured by the missiles of his!

Graf Dracula

Dracula is located in the graveyard after the area where you can pick up Rocket Girl and kill the group of skeletons that have been gathered from the Clear. If you look for the coffin in the open that is the vampire’s body and right there are three additional Skeletons. The only thing you need do is challenge the boss by pressing the intercom button. You’ll notice “Count Dracula has awakened!” And Dracula himself will begin to attack you.

Lava Golem

The Lava Golem is located inside The “Gates of Hell” level. In the corner , next to armor as well as serum of rage, locate the tiny lava golem (it’s tiny indeed) Then shoot it. Then within the channel that has the lava will be its larger counterpart that is clearly burning with desire to take revenge.

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