Sequel To Hyper Light Drifter Announced – In 3D And With Online Co-Op

Six years ago, the anniversary of Hyper Light Drifter, Gearbox Publishing and Heart Machine announced Hyper Light Breaker, the next game in the universe: Hyper Light Breaker.

The story takes place through the Overgrowth region, where you can go throughout on hoverboards or gliders. Explore vast biomes, and fight huge monsters and massive bosses to take down King Abyss. Abyss King.

Contrary to Hyper Light Breaker, which is a 2D precursor, Hyper Light Breaker is a third person thrilling 3D, with a violent horror tale. You can play as a solo player or in online co-op mode with up to two players.

The video was produced through Grackle Studios, which did the Hades animated trailers.

An array of weapons and equipment allows you to modify your game every time. Between attempts to make it to the top, the final in the local settlement hub, which you’ll gradually improve and fill with characters who have their tales.

According to the creative director Alx Preston, Hyper Light Breaker will add additional role-playing features than Hyper Light Drifter. Furthermore, it’s not required to play the first in order to comprehend the plot of the sequel, however having knowledge of the past is not required.

Hyper Light Breakerwill begin in the spring of 2023 with early access on Steam. Claimed translation of text into Russian.

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