Sega’S Supergame Is A Project With Several Blockbuster Games

We wrote a year ago about how SEGA has created an e-sports “super gaming.” Recent information suggests that it’s not a single game at all and is a concept that combines a variety of games with a desire to achieve blockbuster status.

The information is derived from an interview that was conducted by an employee on the portal for recruitment of SEGA. Briefly:

  • “Supergame” will be the common name for the fundamental concepts and procedures that games will be created.
  • Four features that are mandatory are being developed for supergames: multiplatform, focusing on international markets simultaneous release across the world and production on a large scale.
  • Supergames seek to expand beyond the traditional game. For instance, it allows viewers to participate in some influence over the event. However, live events are regular and
    Supergame Supergame project was discussed in an interview with internal staff members (left from left to) the general manager Katsuya Hisai, executive vice president Sudji Itsumi, and producer Masayoshi Kikuchi.
    • SEGA brings together experts from different fields who create games designed for gaming consoles for homes, mobile devices and arcade machines.
    • The development (apparently at the very least, at least one game) is taking place using Unreal Engine 5.
    • The supergames are working with promising startups, which are specialized in AI-based technologies.
    • One of the areas in SEGA is a team of 50 people currently in the beginning phases. The final count of the project could be around a hundred.

    In 2021, the “Supergame” program was for five years. That is the beginning of SEGA’s new ideas that gamers will experience around 2026.

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