Seasons after fall, a little fox lost in the land of seasons

In the Paris Games Week in Paris, at the Made in France booth at the Paris Games Week, we had the opportunity to play Seasons After Fall which is a game by Swing Submarine, the French independently-owned Studio Swing Swing Submarine. Today, we present the opportunity to play this beautiful and captivating platformer. The game has been that has been in development since 2009; it was released on 2 September 2016 and bound to impress you.

Seasons after autumn is the moving tale of the natural world

In the forest, you’re created, spirit of the sanctuary and the nature’s essence… In the forest clearing, the young fox receives a strange call and follows it into the woods… Then, he becomes your friend on your quest. The quest is to fulfill an traditional ritual by gaining the strength that comes from all the four seasons.

However, you’ll soon realize that this area is plagued by a mysterious force which is slowly appearing into the dark. The feeling of fear, uncertainty, and doubt is evident in the forest.

It’s not over, but time has changed

You’ll gain the power of the season and, in turn, you then can use as you wish, ranging from winter to summer within a matter of seconds.

In the winter, winter turns water into the form of ice, allowing you to walk across ponds and jump on geysers that are frozen. Spring is the time to start. spring brings rain and increases the water level and will also water the land and trees that cultivate from seeds. It is season of summer will see the depletion of the rivers and wake up the plants, vines, and flowers that you can call with a yell. Finally, the autumn will cause the mushrooms to expand and let the wind blow.

You’ll explore caves, forests, and mountains, as well as swamps or. You’ll also learn to find and re-discover them throughout the seasons, allowing you access to new zones. Once you unlock a zone, it is accessible for a long time through the center zone, which is the sanctuary. Each site has a guardian, its totem of the period, or inscribed power.

It is necessary to return to each area many times before exploring the places in the game using new gameplay mechanics. It offers shortcuts, but no map is more engaging since there is no need to turn to an interface when playing, which can be very difficult. It is possible to traverse the same areas multiple times, but due to changes in seasons, large rooms, and new paths you allow you to explore, you could get lost repeatedly (we are trying to prove that we can find our way to those who aren’t convinced).

It is necessary to get to know all the guardians, gather all the power to free the forest and uncover what’s hidden behind the forest’s shadows. This is all to carry out the ritual which will bring a new surge of life into the forests. Your journey should last approximately 5 hours. amazing hours of adventure ahead.

A musical and graphic piece of art

Seasons after Fall Seasons after fall is an serene 2D-platformer. Bright and vibrant graphics, with a stylized style, hand-drawn drawings for an intriguing and creative world.

Every season has its hues that range from the fiery red of fall through that cold winter blue. A theme also accompanies each season. Sounds and symphonies are wonderfully combined to take you in a magical setting. Sometimes, you will be rocked through the noise of the wind, and sometimes by the gentle sound of rain.

Then, we’ll linger in for a while to listen in on the narrative. The narration will comprise two voices, according to the various phases in the story, French agents that have been perfected. We can feel the character’s voice by his voice. This enhances his dramatic, immersive quality that the tale.

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