Scuf Reflex Test

The second phase of the project is the web configurator. It can be found in SCUF. SCUF store. You can use it to allow free freedom to your imagination in large part. There are various front panels, single color or with designs as well as a variety of color covers. The sticks come in various lengths and various angles (concave/convex). There are two options: an adaptive trigger like PS5 PS5 as well as click triggers that are ideal for shooters because of their shorter switching distance. Beware that click triggers can be hardly used in racing games.

Colors of buttons and control pads are also customizable which means you can create a unique controller from the range of options. Rumble functions are also accessible with free choice. But be aware that nearly all of the options are chargeable with the exception of when it comes to the basic colours. In a joking way we decided to combine all customizable options, with the least expensive options and then included an SCUF Reflex Player Pack, which at minimum, comes with a case as opposed to the standard delivery condition, and we came up with 469.82 Euros. Whew. A couple of euros more and that’s enough to buy the Playstation 5 – that’s already very expensive.

It is the SCUF Reflex is otherwise very closely aligned with its predecessor, the DualSense controller, and has almost all of similar functions. It is wirelessly connected, either via BlueTooth or USB cable, which can be also utilized as a charging cable. The design and dimensions are similar to the original design, however it is a bit larger. Reflex is a little heavier. This is because of the additional attachment at the bottom that offers four movable and adjustable paddles.

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In addition, they are not just convenient they are also well-organized and perfectly fitted to the shape that your thumb is in. Pressure points that are squeezable enough that you won’t accidentally trigger they, but not so as tight that it is a work. Three different configurations are accessible on demand using an individual profile key. You can also change the keys assigned to them. It’s a bit disappointing that there’s no application for further configuration like in other gamepads which cost less and offer more options in this regard. This is why the Reflex isn’t without possibilities to justify its huge cost.

In actual use it is not difficult to find no reason to complain regarding SCUF Reflex. SCUF Reflex. The functionality that comes with it’s DualSense controller is fully covered and the haptics are comparable or even better because of the option of providing the grips with an textured rubber coating the Reflex is more secure and comfortable in the palm. It’s somewhat irritating that SCUF did not include the label for the key functions – perhaps an issue with copyright. It requires some getting used to. Anyone who has played on a few games of Playstation and knows what key is which.

The ability to replace the sticks or the front panel should be applauded and works smoothly and effortlessly out of the hand. The price is still a deterrent since paying three times or more for a device that, aside from paddles and customization is essentially nothing more provide than the basic model and is not an option for those who are people who are a bit of an individual.

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