Scuf Instinct Pro Test

The first sign of disillusionment is swift. The options aren’t part of the high cost, 219.99 Euros. Every pattern and virtually every color choice makes the price more expensive. If you go through all of the options, you’ll soon have a well over 300 euros. While you will possess a piece that is a bit unique for those who are individualists, you cannot do much more than play video games. The less appealing alternative, the Xbox Elite Controller 2, is priced at less than 150 euros and has similar features.

It’s a fact that SCUF provides a top-quality controller that works with the Instinct Pro when you take it out of the box. The ergonomics and design are similar to the first controller, which means you don’t have to become accustomed to the Instinct Pro. The faceplate is secured by magnets and has a silky surface that can be removed by simply turning the wrist to swap out the D-pad or sticks, as an example. The battery compartment is also equipped with a magnetic fastener. In addition, the textured rubber coating makes the ergonomically designed handles secure when held in hand.

The layout of standard buttons is identical to the Xbox original. However, there are a few additional features. We first find the mute microphone button, which is only available for wired 3.5-millimeter headsets with a jack. However, it’s easily accessible on the upper part of the controller of the D-pad, which is between the left stick. The jack port is located above the chat pad connector; it is located at the lower part of the control.

Then we find four additional keys, whose layout is just a dream and is precisely the positions between the thumbs. Each of the four buttons has the same pressure point that is easy to operate and makes sure that the keys are not accidentally activated. This is a far better solution than, for instance, the extremely sensitive Nice controller in terms of the arrangement of buttons and sticks; there’s even a tutorial for various games and genres—controller, which is quite flexible. For Xbox consoles, the controller can be used with no issue using Xbox Wireless. For the computer (or perhaps the console), the controller can be operated using the 2-meter USB cable. The controller is equipped with a Type C port, which means you can effortlessly use longer lines made by third-party companies. It can also be connected to your computer via the Xbox wireless dongle. Last not least, attach the controller to the instinct pro to your PC via Bluetooth.

We could prove to ourselves that Instinct Pro doesn’t let itself down during our tests with different genres of games (and extremely extensively during our testing of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen). The controls respond rapidly and accurately, and we were particularly impressed with the short travel time of triggers (when activated). There’s nothing to be unhappy about regarding ergonomics in any case. In fact, we were annoyed by the noisy and unpleasant vibrating motors.

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