Scarlet Nexus Preview – With Scarlet Flame in Their Eyes Review

We’ve spent some time exploring Bandai Namco’s latest brainpunk game and are now ready to explain the reasons why those who love Japanese fantasy should look at not only this project, but the anime version with the same title.

  • Producer: Bandai Namco Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Date of release: June 25, 2021

The summer is upon us and Bandai Namco, the leading supplier of anime-based games, is looking to splash out on a brand new game. Then, almost immediately following the game’s animated version will hit the screens. It will have the same name and, more likely, with the similar storyline. Sunrise (Code Geass ), Gintama, Cowboy Bebop) is responsible for the adaptation.

It is the Scarlet Nexus action game is managed by director of the project Kenji Anabuki as well as the producer Keita Iizuka. The one is the director and one is the creator. Both have been involved in games in the Tales game series that are the part of Bandai Namco. In addition, the new installment of the series, Tales of Arise, will be available this season, in the fall, on September 10.

I had the privilege of playing a demo game called Scarlet Nexus, but our meeting was not long-lasting and I didn’t get the opportunity to test the game’s capabilities. But, I did have enough time to gain a familiarity with the game and get familiar to the system of combat and learn about the characters. Let’s begin with them.

Two main characters are featured of Scarlet Nexus, Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Yuito is a kind and brave young man being a member of an aristocratic family, but not showing his status. When Yuito was just a kid his OSF (Other Suppression Force) agent, which could be defined to “Otherworldly Suppression Force”, helped save his life. The moment that changed Yuito’s life forever defined his career path.

Kasane is a reserved and intelligent girl with a quiet personality. Contrary to Yuito who went to her time at the OSF Academy with the rest of the volunteers, Kasane was an scout for draftees. The conscripts in this group are the elite who remain unspoken, highly-potential fighters selected to be selected by OSF highest brass. In spite of an internal document that eliminates any form of hierarchy, it does place certain marks on the names of some particular characters.

The only time, near Naomi’s blue-eyed adoptive sister Kasane’s gaze softens some and warmth begin to appear within her vocals. Yuito has a soulmate. Nagi Karman’s best friend with whom she have graduated from OSF Academy together. Nagi is trustworthy and kind and has a passion for hot women.

This is just the beginning of the iceberg. In only a couple of hours in Scarlet Nexus, I met many clearly defined kinds. They’re well-integrated into the narrative and connect to the characters in many different ways, ranging from simple sympathies to outright hate. The majority of them are associated with the OSF most of them are part of your group.
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However, back to the present. The game’s creators weren’t lying when they positioned Scarlet Nexus as a “distant distant future” timeline. The game’s world is located on the lines between cyberpunk as well as post-apocalyptic. The first is in areas of high-security, populated by OSF and military, with a well-developed infrastructure and the dominant position of augmented reality technology. and the second in deserted areas that are frequently attacked by the Other.

The brain-hungry, transparent mutants have risen seemingly from the heavens. The conventional methods of fighting were exhausted, the world came up with a separate unit of psionics, who were specialized in fighting the creatures. In the meantime scientists had discovered the existence of a specific psychic hormone within the gray matter. This will eventually have a major influence on the advancement of technology all over the world.

What happens in Scarlet Nexus take place during Kasane and Yuito’s graduation where the system is introduced to participants to some quite amazing combat techniques. As you might have seen in the trailers the female character relies upon flying butterflies during battle, while the other uses the blade of his family and both are equipped with psychokinesis (the ability of thinking to alter objects).

The classic scuffles of Japanese Slashers are rearranged for the characters’ capabilities. Heroes blend standard attacks with telekinetic ones, increasing damage, sometimes even breaking their armor to defeat monsters. A foe that is undefended opens to a brutal and dramatic end.

Anything goes: steel beams and scaffolding, fences, automobiles, hydrants. You could even throw an entire train at your opponent If you’re in the mood. Certain items are employed in every fight, and certain items aren’t so popular, but are able to deal massive destruction, or can are essential in an epic boss battle.

If you reach the Ultimatum Scale is full, heroes are able to wear special masks and go into a state of brain-drive where they get more powerful and faster. the game’s developers have concealed new tricks and abilities in a specially designed development tree, which is a fervent seeker of the intelligence points that the player gets throughout the game. You aren’t able to influence your opponents in real-time however players can decide their combat behavior and benefit from their capabilities like Flaming Blades, Invisibility, Electric Blade and more. In the event that Yuito and Kasane are able to combine their telekinetic power and abilities, they are able to combine all the weapons that are on the field at the same time.

The opposition also has strengths and weaknesses, which is why you should make sure you pick your team with care. Certain teams have strengths and weaknesses also, and you’ll need to select your squad carefully. Certain players are able to vanish or move so swiftly that they are unable to hit with your sword. To take on these enemies, you’ll need knights that increase reflexes, or let the undetectable.

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To unlock the power of your fellow battlemates it is necessary to build your bond with the other players. It’s similar to the bonding system used in Persona 5, in that you can complete sidequests while simultaneously become acquainted with the characters of Scarlet Nexus more deeply.

There’s no way to influence the plot. Namco did not even give the appearance of choice, which means that all the dialogs in the game are played without your input. This can be uncomfortable, despite the fact that the plot in Scarlet Nexus is pretty good.

The third problem is that Namco did not give you the appearance of the options available.

The other complaint is, as usual, regarding the camera. It’s among the major issues not just with Bandai Namco’s work however, but also of Japanese ARPGs all over the world. The problem is especially prevalent in narrow corridors and alleyways, which are where you’ll find regular clashes between monsters.

The Scarlet Nexus is a interesting combat system, however I didn’t have time or the opportunity to fully explore its potential. I enjoyed the concept of the game’s world however. The designers picked an amazing color palette to paint the saturated urban setting, enhanced with AR, and scarlet accents accent the chic designs of monsters and characters as well as the look of the setting and cut-scenes simply an explosion of animation.

I’m not sure the Scarlet Nexus is full of new ideas. It’s actually fairly familiar, but there’s some elements that feel like it’s been done better than normal. To me, there’s been a big gap between anime-style and anime games but Scarlet Nexus has thoroughly wiped this line. That’s the reason.

There’s still plenty to explore, as the plot’s main twist was not revealed in the first place, and it’s difficult to judge the content that is Scarlet Nexus. The game isn’t available for the option of localization to Russian however it was stated in the announcement and the speed of optimization it isn’t clear.

One thing is certain – the film is interesting and captivating and fans of sci-fi anime will definitely enjoy it.

In addition it’s coming soon that you’ll have the chance to explore the Bandai Namco’s game by yourself. On May 21, you will be able to test this Scarlet Nexus demo on Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One, and on May 28, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers will have the chance to play the demo for free.


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