Scarlet Nexus – Уничтожить всех остальных Review

Antiutopia or brainpunk, as well as the occasional touch of technohorror are rare in anime, but even more so for the most popular anime titles, that draw the attention of those who love genres towards Scarlet Nexus in advance. The question is whether Bandai Namco’s newest game is worthy of the interest, we’ll tell you the story in our report.

  • Producer: Bandai Namco Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Date of release: June 25, 2021

Scarlet Nexus is a story that Scarlet Nexus unfolds in a far-off future alternate one where psionic powers are as normal to humans as smell or sight. The very few that, due to any reason, aren’t able to access this ability are regarded as ineligibles and are referred to as “pacifiers.

The central point of activities is Suo which is a huge city with multiple layers where the whole infrastructure is designed around the particular mentality of the inhabitants as well as the surrounding area, which is mostly closed to the general public due to the constant threat of invading from the Others.

Many thousands of years ago events that are known by scientists as Spring of Extinction spawned the Extinction Belt anomaly, which was formed in the stratosphere of our planet and encased it in an opaque film with waves encasing it. From the locations of the so-called thickening the belt are awe-inspiring creatures from the Other who’s sole purpose is to eat human brains.

The citizens of the city will be protected by National Self-Defense Force and the Scarlet Guard, elite psionics with special skills for defeating monsters. Since even the most powerful and destructive weapons are ineffective against aliens The existence of a permanent army of P.O.I. (anti-Earthquake force) is controlled by government officials.

The government has established an all-encompassing assessment of aptitude and health as well as a commission for teens to conduct this evaluation and the top rated skilled are selected to be OPI Cadets. All others can be a part of the knights as volunteers, if they can pass the test. Rarely do you find “adults” within those of PGI conscripts whose talents are not discovered until too late.

The principal characters, the volunteers Yuito as well as conscript Kasane are finishing their training before joining the ranks of regular soldiers. They share a special gift, and both have bizarre dreams However, their stories differ. Scarlet Nexus offers a variety of suspenseful and unexpected twists. You’ll have to play for each one to get the full picture.

Your surroundings might seem uninteresting However, once you realize that as much as half the objects that make up the urban landscape are not physically present. Bus stops fences and road signs as well as posters that are placed on the walls of houses and even the water flowing from the fountain all are digital illusions that locals refer to as “visions” and are unable to more imagine their daily lives without this alternative reality.

Arahabaki, a supercomputer linked to Saynet’s network of mental connections is the controller for all the cities’ smart AR sensors and technology. Clots of psionic energy because of the transfer of huge amounts of information, is suspended in the air by scarlet threads, illuminating the streets of the city with bright neon lights. The extraordinary images of Scarlet Nexus areat times absolutely amazing.

As the game continues to progress, Yuito and Kasana will be joined by more characters. Alongside the main characters, there could include two combatants as well as two back-ups to the team simultaneously. All four are linked to SAS (Struggle arms system) the system that allows partners to communicate locally as well as the possibility of borrowing the skills of one another.

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In combat, heroes are able to use the combination of weapon attack and telekinetic powers. By throwing an object at your adversaries (anything you could think of, such as such as a hydrant, car or even a chunk of concrete cut from the ground) lets you slash your opponent with an weapon and vice versa. following a weapon combo throwing an item can cause more damage.

To create a unique action that is telekinetic, you’ll need to locate an item that is unique. Most often, it’s a stunning thing such as an explosive gas tanker or an entire truck that you are able to manage mentally for a long time. It’s a fantastic way for you to take on the opponent immediately, but to knock him down or punch through an armor layer to kill him.

It’s a fantastic way to do it to go about it.

The brain Shattering is a technique to reach the area of vulnerability for an enemy that can be damaged by clearing the enemy’s massive scale, which is not connected to his health. The killing of normal enemies in this manner will always result in amount of loot, but uncommon enemies can’t be killed this manner.

Over time, heroes learn to master amazing techniques such as the state of intense concentration that is known as Brainstorm. Brainspell slowly fills up as you take on enemies. The effect will automatically begin to kick in by temporarily sharpening reflexes and increasing damage and regeneration of telekinetic energy.

Thinking Field casting is final product of Yuito and Kasane’s Psionic gifts. Every skill is replaced with remote-controlled strikes against objects close or far, all simultaneously. Ultimatum Hysteria can cause a lot of damage and then gradually makes the victim insane, therefore it is crucial to exit the state as quickly as possible. In the event that it doesn’t, the hero could be dead.

Brainstorm and Thoughtfield have separate branches within their brain maps called the Talent Tree that players can enter points earned from the levels. The tree is essentially devoid of abilities, and the amount of points allows you to create an extremely versatile fighter who can alter his fighting abilities greatly.

The men who are with you as a team can select from a range of ways to behave. For instance, you could advise that they must fight until their condition is deteriorating and then retreat to heal the wounds. Or, you can instruct that they should duck and hold in their fights to the very end and that is a good strategy in fierce bossfights.

Through SAS, Yuito or Kasane are able to temporarily access the power of electrokinesis or pyroelectric power to destroy an area, create negative effects on enemies, become invisible as they become super-fast or master teleportation and build up a layer armor or find inner vision The abilities all work for a brief period and are able to be shut off before they recharge to charge.

The stories in Scarlet Nexus are based on rest phases that see characters gathered in a secret place while watching news reports on the TV, relaxing and having a chat with their friends. This is an ideal moment to explore an area that you have previously explored to gather resources and power up your side quests and strengthen your bonds with your friends.

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As the game grows as it grows, players will be able to be able to access additional capabilities like combos, an additional bundle of quick attack abilities to increase SAS energy, extra effects to basic SAS abilities, faster recovery of these skills, and so on.

There are stories-links in the game to build relationships. They generally are typical dialogue scenes of where the character traits are exposed. You can also offer your loved ones gifts that they’ll gradually embellish the room.

They can also be given gifts to help add to the decor of the place.

There are some gifts hidden in hidden locations within levels, but the majority are offered in the retail store at the store of the Chronicler. This is a character in yellow who travels with you everywhere keeping track of progress and offering items to trade or sell.

killing major and common Inhumans while exploring the area, you’ll discover numerous things that the Chronicler would willingly trade for weapon upgrades and unique cosmetics, equipment or other valuable items.

Scarlet Nexus suffers from camera problems that make it difficult to find players in tight areas. Even the biggest and most fixed cameras, make it difficult for players to maneuver and, consequently, more difficult to stay alive.

Scarlet Nexus

The main problem I’ve encountered has been the dodges, which appear to kick off a bit longer than I’d like and often they’re impossible to execute. For instance, to stop the third punch, which is a sprawling one in Yuito’s combination. Others make rapid, jagged motions. The biggest enemies can be found in numerous, unavoidable attacks, regardless of which side you are on.

In the absence of knowing the exact moment that the harm will occur, being at risk to injury when you run and snagged by a poor camera and a camera that isn’t working, players have to be more reliant on luck than reactivity and view the flawless dodge as an extremely nice benefit.

It’s really not too bad. As you build relationships with your colleagues and learn to develop some skills certain of your attacks are removed by defensive strategies and SAS barriers. Your possibility of a dash is larger and counterattacks will become more destructive. However, there are bosses who will consume your blood. Particularly when you are playing at high difficulty.

Scarlet Nexus is not as simple as it appears at first. Soon, the hero-driven story of a strong friendship and selfless fight for human rights in the finest traditions that are typical of this genre is going to transform into a true psychological thriller that will reveal the concept of a “double top” within the gaming of real life that will smack villains and heroes in a single conspiracy and denying the players understanding.

This is a near-perfect Bandai Namco product both in regards to storytelling and graphics as well as an impressive new top player in my personal rankings of their anime-themed games. In terms of gameplay mechanics The game’s creators need to improve their game but they’re definitely looking in the right direction.

I think it’s a smart idea.

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