Samurai Bringer – Roguelite Action In The Style Of Japanese Classics From Ps1

Playism and its developers of Alphawing have created a delightful delight for those who remember the games played on lamps from the original PlayStation.

The main character Samurai Comeer has a deity known as Susanoo. He was battling an eight-headed snake, Yamata no orochi, to stop the serpent from killing Kushinada, the protagonist’s potential wife. However,, he was defeated and, as a result, lost his power. Now, he has to battle hundreds of demons and warriors of all age groups to restore his power and defeat the creeping beast.

It is vital to know that the main characters originate from Shinto mythology, in which Susanoo is the god of wind while Kushinada is the child of the god of earth, Ashinazuchi. The conflict between Yamata the no-orochi and Susanoo was also a part of the story from the legends.

The creators of the game list these gameplay elements in the game:

  • When defeated, enemies drop scrolls that contain combat strategies – they are able to be combined in order to make unique combinations.
    • For instance, using the use of a specific combination of tactics the character begins to throw enemies around with the use of a circular attack, assisted by lightning.
  • Beyond the usual adversaries in the world, there are also giant generals. If you can defeat them God gains the armor of their ancestors.
  • The character is able to put his sword back in its his scabbard, he begins to work on the puzzle stage.
  • The levels of the action are generated through procedural generation. They are changed following every Susanoo death.
  • The death of a hero takes away his tools, however not the the strength and abilities.

Samurai Comeer will be released for PC (Steam), PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on April 21. There is no Russian in the list of supported languages.

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