Rustler Preview – Both Funny and Sad Review

The developers of the critically acclaimed Operator dilogy have launched their medieval-themed action title Rustler with early access. It is the brainchild of Polish developers, inspired by the legendary GTA; however, until now, it squeaks like an unlubricated car. You can read more about it by presenting the first preview.

  • Producer: Jutsu Games
  • Publisher: Games Operators, Modus Games
  • First Access Date for Release: 18 February 2021

The first thing to make evident is that Rustler isn’t just borrowing features in Grand Theft Auto but is a copy of it apart from the setting. Here, it’s in the Middle Ages, while in GTA 2 (the second game in the series that it is most similar to), this world exists in the present. Apart from this, it’s all about the interface; from the cutscene that opens the game to the plots and gameplay, it’s a hilarious parody.

If you don’t know, Grand Theft Auto also started with isometrics, but only totally two-dimensional. The atmosphere, however, in the two first parts was hazardous, as Rockstar was creating their brainchild inspired by the hit in the 1990’s American action films with an abundance of gangster and black humor scenes.

The main character of Rustler is a typical man called Guy. It’s a sort of character reminiscent of Claude Speed with the appearance of an adult Jimmy Hopkins. The guy is a single parent, has a relationship with several shady people, and has an infamous hooliganism enterprise until a friend recommends that Guy can try his luck in The Big Tournament.

The idea of becoming rich and famous may entice Guy. First, however, Guy must deal with the associated issues. The first step is to enter the nobility district with the proper identification; men aren’t allowed to get in. Luckily, Guy’s friend is an individual who has a connection to a guy who can create documents. The cost of the composition of five million gold coins.

The amount is massive. However, Guy is skilled in everything illegal and local in a sense; authorities could benefit from his expertise. After a set of introduction adventures, players take an unconstrained free adventure across an open world that is free to make decisions at their discretion. It is the most important thing that generates income.

However, the reality isn’t bright. The issue in Rustler lies in the fact that there’s nothing to be done with it right at the moment. In addition, the story missions that the developers provide with humor and reference in the GTA universe and pop culture aren’t a good fit because of the erratic choices made by Jutsu Games and many issues.

For instance, the voice acting-all characters inarticulate the sound of vomiting, blowing their noses, or sneezing and producing other, less natural sound effects. The game’s environment is awash with sounds and unintelligible muttering, and the bards who, rather than screaming in tune to pleasing motifs, speak in a completely non-melodic way.

The game isn’t an old-fashioned hit, but this type of dubbing can be in tune with the concept and music. This one cuts off the ear, causes dissonance, and can ruin the experience. In certain Hotline Miami, it would have been a hit. However, they chose to keep the text simple.

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I am sure that the creators wanted to emphasize the playful nature of the game to entertain players and make them laugh. However, it seems like the music characters, the lyrics, and even the music, which appear without a face in comparison to Mafia gangs’ leaders in GTA2 and GTA3, were pushed over to the point of being half-served. The whole thing is in comparison, but if you consider yourself a rider, make sure you enter the cart.

Regardless of how innovative they attempt to be, most quests require horseback riding or combat, Two of Rustler’s most important mechanics. Each differs a bit. The riding isn’t fully achieved, but you could be accustomed to it and have a bit of a sadistic thrill from the sounds of the townpeople being trampled by the hooves.

Koni at Rustler is the main mode of transport. The sled animals are known by different names, in the style of automobile names. Some are more powerful, while others are armored. However, the majority are different in color. Instead of large vehicles, they have loaded wagons. The police officers ride speed horses, sporting lights on their bridles.

When the crime rate increases, the number of criminals rises dramatically, and the standard mounted sworders are now joined by guards wearing crossbowmen, halberds, and even knights in armor. To get rid of our tails and escape, we speed to the dyehouse or run to tear down the wanted lists, but any attempt to flee or fight the guards is likely unsuccessful.

The problem is not so as much on the uncomfortable ride, but it is in combat systems. On the one hand, it’s simple, two-button, and easy to understand, but on the other hand – not working and is ineffective. The AI’s behavior is unpredictable, and at first, I believed that this was an attribute, but later the enemies started leaving the battlefield in unplanned situations or even freezing and sometimes became immortal due to their hitboxes that don’t count hits.

Furthermore, the animations aren’t all perfect in Rustler are working correctly, like the regular absence of spirits when you steal the horse, which means that the rider ends up in the dirt if somebody tries to take his horse. Additionally, you could remain stuck in textures at the worst time and then start up in a faraway place. These issues are present in the game and can be pretty standard.

Patrolmen can appear out of thin air and disappear in the same way. They know precisely the crime’s location and where the perpetrator is hiding. It is much easier to go to the dyehouse than confront the Kingsguard.

There’s nothing else to do. Yes, you can obviously help your mom plow the field and earn a few rings by drawing her organ for childbirth on it, as demonstrated in the clip. Likewise, you can participate in horse races or try your hand at fistfights, but these sports, partly due to the monotony and partly due to the difficulty of doing them in intensity, can be boring after the first time.

The open space world is small and far away from Anywhere City with its unique areas, clans that fight, and interesting points. There are a few collectibles and weapons scattered about (which aren’t too numerous either); however, the layout of the areas comprised of fields, forests, and settlements with no life is not attractive to explore.

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Based on some thought that was beyond my capabilities, Jutsu Games has bolted on a progression system for Rustler that could be improved more. Guy earns points when the completion of quests. These points can use to enhance his social and combat skills in riding and long-range combat.

The only interesting two talents are picking up objects on the ground while riding as well as saving weapons in the event that you die. This is because it’s extremely tedious to go around the map each time you die, looking for your gear. The other abilities are not great, but they are useful, and they would have had the potential to be used differently.

The concept behind Rustler is excellent; however, the idea alone isn’t enough. It’s not enough to set the game unique You must make it exciting for players to go through. Create a thrilling fight or perhaps bloodier, quicker. You can also make them more diverse by using unique, non-traditional Middle Ages weapons and character capabilities, considering we’re discussing an imitation.

It’s unclear the reason we should have banal races when we can have “police” roundups of racers who are illegal, similar to NFS or horse racing to survive using traps and shooting. What is the reason we don’t diversify our equally violent fighting? We could work as private carriage drivers in stolen vehicles or meet with courtesans as in GTA. What is the reason, then, why do we only find references in the form of graffiti and quests by anonymous artists while we could have flooded the whole globe with regards?

The world in which the most thrilling event is a brawl in the bar among random hillbillies ought to have been dotted with amazing video and film game references like the opening scene. This ought to have enthused the players who were at Rustler to enjoy the promise of a fan experience to look around!

In Rustler, we can enjoy a fun, humorous, often hilarious satire; however, all borrowings (with the possible exception of the helpful map and the familiar interface) as well as the vast majority of the features developed by the creators themselves, put the game exactly a positive one. We can only hope that with time, the technology will improve and bugs are spotted, and the game will continue to breathe; however, at the moment, the majority of features in Rustler or its components are not at perfection or are haphazardly implemented or simply dull.

Rustler is already available in the early stages on Steam. It will be available in 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch 2021.


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