Rumor Fromsoftware Is Working On A New Part Of Armored Core

Elden Ring is coming out. Elden Ring is near and, therefore, FromSoftware is releasing an exciting new game that will begin. Fans are excited to play Bloodborne 2. and Dark Souls 4 however, judging from the thread to the ResetEra forum it appears that the team will be going back to an previous franchises.

In 2016, it was discovered that


I was involved in three projects. One of them was a finalized


Shadows Die Twice

One was

Elden Ring

The third one is not known. Studio head

Hidetaka Miyazaki

The report said that a reboot was on the way said a reboot was in the works, and also hinted at the
AC was released in 2013.

According to a post from User Red Liquorice on the ResetEra forum, FromSoftware is working on exactly the same thing as Armored Core. The studio has begun mailing out surveys about the mech games, several images, information about the plot, and two videos that demonstrate gameplay. The article’s writer did not include the material because it contained watermarks. Instead, he shared an account of what that he had seen.

Screenshots from Armored Core 5.

Game description

  • It is a third-person shooter set in a sci-fi world.
  • The game lets you explore a vast map, and fight mech robots.
  • You can fight both at short range using blades and shields and also long range using cannons.
  • The developers are creating an elaborate world in which the player will have to face an array of enemies and well-planned scenarios which they will be able to participate again and repeatedly.”
  • The ability to move in any direction humans can’t, is possible because of robots. Because of this, the robot’s character can travel all over the world without limitations.
  • Mechs can be modified – the weapon details and hull can be altered to enhance the mech. So you can design an mech that is suited to the style of play you prefer.
Screenshot of Armored Core: Verdict Day.

Plot details

  • There is an undiscovered melange-like substance that could greatly advance the human race. In the past, it was in the past that melange led to a catastrophe in the world of Bashar that snatched the other star systems in the vicinity. The substance was later lost.
  • A few decades later, the same reactions of melange were seen again on Bashar. The corporate, government religious sects, and unidentified agents, chase after the substance they claim to have lost. The main character is one of them.
  • The action is taking place on Bashar, devastated by an atomic cataclysm. An incredible feeling of the immenseness of what’s taking place can be felt through Mechs and the capabilities they have.
Screenshot of Armored Core: Verdict Day.

The videos themselves haven’t been uploaded to the forum. However, Red Liquorice recounted their content. Red Liquorice said the initial video of the battle with The boss was similar in style to the fight in the Souls games. The distant battles brought him back to the game Virtual On, a different mecha-based franchise. “A person wearing a white mech that was under the direction of a gamer confronted the larger robot boss and fought the boss with something resembling laser or energy sword. It was a lookalike of the Souls fashion,” The user remarked.

In a different snippet, the protagonist was a white robot chased by two other characters – the viewer suggested that there could be a co-op involved in the game. Mechs were moving through the snowy landscape towards a massive fence or gate.

Red Liquorice also reported that the game doesn’t yet have a title , but through a poll, the studio asked what name the players prefers. The option was Armored Core, Armored Core and subtitles, AC:6, AC:VI and many more choices which the author of the article has forgot. In some titles, Armored Core does not even appear.

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