Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Test

A King’s new Clothes

The thing that most people aren’t aware of: Ruined King is an established game with an updated version. It is a role-playing game in which the developer studio drew Airship Syndicate, which is most well-known by its title Ruined King, at its base, is Battle Chasers 2. In its design, play, mechanics and mechanics, there are a myriad of images, sound effects, and enemies that were derived nearly precisely from the game’s “predecessor.” It’s not that I’m averse to this – quite contrary! My wish is that, by incorporating it into the League of Legends universe, this fantastic game will finally receive the recognition and attention it merited in its initial release.

But, Ruined King is far from being merely the same game, but with a brand new coat of paint. In a way, it’s like a sequel in the way you would like to have it be that it builds upon the predecessor’s strengths and tackles its weaknesses. Its combat mechanic, great in the original game, is now more intricate and sophisticated. The unfinished dungeons are transformed into a realistic world that draws you in with its narrative and desires to be explored rather than simply being pushed through levels. Additionally, the unbalanced balancing, which required frequent grinding to be played in Battle Chasers, turns out to be much more thoughtful with Ruined King. Again, the result is the top JRPG is currently on the market. Although, strictly speaking, it’s from Texas.

Champions League

Ruined King is a story about Ruined King centered around five players from the core League of Legends game: the Kraken priestess, Illaoi, Braum, the Nordic barbarian Braum, The princess pirate Miss Fortune, the honorable swordsman Yasuo as well, as the shady hacker Pyke and the Chimera vixen Ahri who’s paths meet and eventually join together in the form of a sworn group in the tradition of role-playing.

A black mist has engulfed Bilgewater, the city’s port, bringing death and destruction. The cause is connected to the long-running curse of a lost King, expanding across the globe from the mythical Shadow Isles. A mage hungrily seeking power and a pirate thought to be dead are seeking to harness the power of the curse to take revenge, world dominance, and the like.

If you came into the encounter to the LoL universe via The Netflix show Arcane and now are looking forward to similar multi-faceted characters and epic entanglements in the tale of Ruined King, don’t be expecting too much. While the narrative of the role-playing game with a tactical twist is a great way to fulfill its goal of dragging players along with a satisfying hook, it never offers a compelling reason to play the game for its sake.

Diablo is a match for Final Fantasy

If you’re unfamiliar with the prequel Battle Chasers: Nightwear, it’s best to imagine Ruined King as a sort of Diablo but with a turn-based system of combat. You can move an iso-perspective in real-time through the well-designed game’s world, designed in a cartoon style. If a conflict with your adversaries happens, it will play through the fight with turn-based combat where players face each other and play out their spells, attacks, and special abilities, which is identical to the original Final Fantasy parts. It is also similar to other JRPGs.

Ruined King takes place in two areas of Runeterra. The first is Bilgewater, a bustling port town packed with swashbuckling pirates and sea captains pirates, and then the Shadow Isles, a cursed area ravaged by the Black Mist long ago and is now plagued by ghosts and monsters. Around 40 hours of gameplay are played in this game, which is a staggering amount for a tiny game priced at only 30 euros. However, it yet is packed to the brim with all the elements that make the genre so thrilling The game is an imaginatively planned creation of equipment and weapons that encourages you to find hidden treasure chests and go on paths, and dead ends within the dungeons, bounty mission which allows you to hunt down optional bosses, even the fishing game has some elegance.

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Little Zelda temple-style puzzles frequently provide a break from the combat-heavy gameplay as well as the side missions that are handed out in the form of flyers to adventurers willing to take on the challenge each time, show an array of options from basic but incredibly clever and shrewd fetch quests, to complete mini-adventures which take players to different locations and often dive into the character’s backstory deep.

The game’s mainstay, however, is the combat mechanic. It’s already the most prominent aspect that distinguishes Battle Chasers and Ruined King from other games. It’s been a while, perhaps longer, to have had such a thought-through multi-layered, mature, and well-crafted example in its genre. Although it’s a standard aspect of many JRPGs to you ultimately decide on the same, it is the most optimal way to approach, and you can do not take into account or eliminate many aspects that the game gives you due to them turning out to be unnecessary or do not really fit with the other ones, not all of the components in the game’s mechanics will be compatible constantly, but in Ruined King, everything appears to be in a unified fashion.

The creators of Airship Syndicate have masterfully understood that depth and depth are not created by overwhelming players with a myriad of features. They do it instead; on the contrary, they limit the options to a reasonable degree and then improve their capabilities. However, because it is this way, Ruined King’s combat system is surprisingly complicated and varied without becoming overly complex and provides a variety of fun options that Battle Chasers already did.

Its complexity is due to the reality that in each move, various elements need to be considered, and completely different strategies must be evaluated against one. Each has benefits and drawbacks. The process begins with the first move of every battle. It forces you to make a difficult decision. The player: Instead of trying to use the most potent special attack generally, it makes sense first to bake smaller rolls and then use weak attacks that aren’t useful initially. Contrary to more potent spells that strike hard but take the mana you have in your reserve, The more ineffective attacks replenish your mana and are then free to use in subsequent actions. So, a winning battle strategy should plan for the ever-changing phases of destruction and recovery. However, it is essential not to ignore defense or imminent attacks from your foes.

Each of the capabilities in combat is better than one the other. There is a reasonable circumstance or tactic for every. One action does more minor damage but inflicts bleeding or poison. The whirlwind isn’t mighty but hits all enemies simultaneously. The fireball is ineffective against lizards with scaly skins and knight armor, yet it sets animals and trees on flames. The blast from the pistol blasts out of all pipes, but it only can hit the targets in random order. Also, the knife can only cause small cuts on the flesh if you’ve made yourself invisibly visible beforehand, making enemies look like you are a bit smug. Sometimes, it can knock enemies off the ground in one strike. Nothing in this game is to be a novel or unusual experience for the role-players. In contrast to other games, the creators of Airship Syndicate taste the familiar ingredients over and over with the excitement of a celebrity chef and don’t simply put the tub of ketchup onto the frozen fries you get from Deep Fryer.

From all the information described until now, Ruined King was still able to take over the same way as Battle Chasers. What’s different is that you’ll need to include more often the timing of each move in your strategic considerations. The developers have been inspired by the idea of “lanes” in League of Legends. The units don’t simply play their part during the fight; rather, every move takes some time to execute, and there are many possibilities. The weaker attacks are executed instantly, the more potent the action and the more time it takes to be effective. You may also choose for each ability which one you would like to use your attack in either a weak but quick or a powerful but slower version, which will have a major impact on the fight. For example, a healing spell cast at its strongest might appear appealing, but it’s not going to make much difference if your players are dead when the spell is performed. If you’re trying to make it difficult, it is also possible to make sure you hit specific time slots in the lanes, effectively the timeline of battle’s progress, to gain additional buffs or avoid obstruction debuffs.

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Do you think it’s complex? It’s not. Just put it aside for a second. The most important thing to be aware of is that the enjoyment of combat systems stems from the reality that various tactical possibilities need to weigh against one another and adapted to the present situation, not, as in other games, simple arbitrariness that can lead to victory. Every tidbit of Ruined King is a minor detail that could significantly impact tactics and strategy – like when it comes to the composition of the group of six champions. It’s fun making your group of three from different combinations of damage dealers, tanks, and healers, continually experimenting with new strategies to deal with the various battle situations.

To allow all the game’s mechanics to interact in a meaningful manner, the difficulty level has to naturally be balanced in the middle between difficult but not overly difficult; however, when it comes to this, Ruined King sometimes falters. If you’ve spent lots of time playing the many side quests and masterfully upgrading your character, you’re going sometimes to become so enthralled that you’ll be able to defeat enemies that the game was not intended to be played against. Genre-savvy players should choose the most difficult level immediately from the beginning. There are four levels altogether, and they are also able to be changed at any point; every type of player within the game’s vast target audience can find the most suitable one for them regardless of whether they’re experienced players or LoL players with no previous playing experience.

Will take load …

The game’s price of 30 euros will naturally overlook some technical nitpicks like the typical JRPG scurrility, which is arranged in a somewhat random manner. Certain dialogues are played to music, whereas others are simply fading in as text. The voice input is entirely and entirely in German, and that isn’t an issue for a game of this size. With regard to the cost, League of Legends players and particularly Arcane players who were introduced to the world of the fantasy world through the Netflix series must be aware that, with Ruined King, regardless of the glamorized brand that is mentioned, the players are buying a low-cost game in an indie-style format that is upscale and not an LoL role-playing epic that has the blockbuster scale of The Witcher or Dragon Age.

In the latest version, particularly with consoles, there remain certain bugs that, fortunately, just slightly hinder the game, like buttons that are not visible from time moment and treasure chests that aren’t marked in the overview map even though they’ve already been scavenged. Also, you should prepare for a crash approximately five times per hour (PS4/5 Version) when making your save games. If you’re looking to view it in a positive way: When compared to the state of play that Battle Chasers once appeared, Ruined King can be seen as a significant step in the right direction.

The frequent and unnecessarily lengthy loading times are more irritating, especially when using PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, which should have been eliminated. But the next-gen consoles are running unmodified versions of PS4 as well as Xbox One, which has not yet been optimized for new hardware. Updates specifically tailored for the latest generation are being developed and could improve performance substantially in the near future. They are, thankfully, available free of charge to those who purchased previous-gen versions.

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