Ruined King A League of Legends Story – A great gift for fans and beyond Review

The Riot Forge Showcase event, the company behind the development of League of Legends, as stated in the announcement, showed projects of various genres that expand the world of games and tell intriguing stories about beloved characters. It did not just have only reports. Instead, following the strategy that Respawn Entertainment employs, the company immediately released two games – an adventure game that plays as a role player Ruined King and a rhythmic game of ranger Hextech Mayhem. The first will be reviewed during this overview.

  • producer: Airship Syndicate
  • Publisher: Riot Forge
  • Release date: November 16, 2021

In my high school days, League of Legends shamelessly took away months of my real-life time from me. I can still recall certain champions and their talents. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ENT. However, I could not resist Ruined King. And I didn’t regret it.

The creation of this game resulted from the folks who were able to access Battle Chasers and Darksiders, and the artwork was drawn by the renowned comic illustrator Joe Madureira.

That’s right; Ruined King is a story-driven RPG adventure set in the League of Legends universe that leads us to Bilgewater, to the Twilight Islands, port towns, and other typical pirate-friendly locations. These locations are where Nine League of Legends champions home. We are also presented to Miss Fortune, Illaia, and Gangplank.

The story begins with Miss Fortuna’s courageous saving of Bilgewater from Gangplank’s tyranny. Now she has to win confidence from captains and confront the dangers of a black mist that devours everything in its course. This is also the reason for the prophet Illaoi whose faith has been shaken by these unsettling events.

Ruined King dedicates a great deal of time to champions. We are provided with full and “quick” introductions to each, an astonishing amount of dialogues and cut-scenes that are well-voiced and quality Russian. Each character has distinct motivations, goals, and personalities that are easily comprehended even by those unfamiliar with LoL. The pitch is an enormous benefit.

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The champions listed above do not only include Ruined King. There are many more who do not have any connection to Bilgewater However, I’d rather remain silent about the others. The game’s official website is fairly well-covered, and if you’d prefer to keep some excitement for yourself, you’d better not go there.

Ruined King’s gameplay Ruined King is an adventure game with an innovative turn-based combat system. The action location is, as you could imagine, was roads of Bilgewater along with those of the Twilight Islands – the world is not open to exploration, but it is divided into vast areas that can be explored. The game’s zones are full of detail, which is sure to be enjoyed by all fans of the world.

It’s incredible how the developers encourage exploration through concealing hidden geocaches, secret quests, keys, geocaches, and other essential details that are likely to disappear. To ensure that you don’t lose the treasures, you’ll need to, for instance, meet an infrequent waitress or assist an uninteresting bartender and be aware of the other clues. If you go down to the pier, you’ll find that there’s fishing, and it has been an essential part of MMORPG and is now possible to take away and then here.

In the world of travel, Ruined King is an Isometric perspective; however, when we encounter an enemy, the game switches to a combat screen with an angled view. I am a huge fan of this system; I’ve come to love it because it forces you to think about, mix characters, analyze their capabilities, and then follow the actions of your adversaries.

The combat in Ruined King is okay. Each character has a particular role. It is well-known to players who have put in many hours playing League of Legends. For instance, Illaoi is a support fighter who heals and can do pretty good damage. Her secret is her tentacles that appear randomly and impact her abilities—Miss Fortune is also a famous “Carrie” who relies on the damage. Stunning special effects accompany combats. The animations are smooth and high-quality.

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Like any RPG, The heroes in this game gain experiences after each fight, and their skills can be enhanced, and the use of colorful objects can make their abilities more powerful. The skills and abilities will be derived from League of Legends. The way to pump is varied and relies on the approach to play. He could make, for instance, Illaoi only a hitter and then go to damage or balance.

Overall, this adventure can take you from 10 to 20 hours of moderate difficulty, depending on how you explore the world. The game doesn’t make you work as Battle Chaser, the story is paced quickly, and you’ll never stop playing the gorgeously illustrated cutscenes.

The game comes with a few minor issues. The first is sloppy optimization because of the problems I’ve observed when I switch between battles and locations, which is regarded as a slowing FPS. The second issue is a somewhat unfriendly map where it’s challenging to locate quest markers. Third – the illusion that there are choices in dialogue (it often occurs at times). Despite many options of answers, the conversations will ultimately result in one outcome. It’s all in the small things.

In short, Ruined King is a fantastic role-playing game with an extensive combat system for tactical play. While the game is designed toward LoL players, people who appreciate slow-paced, calm combat that is fought with the highest difficulty level are likely to enjoy the game. I’m hoping. Riot will continue to move towards this direction and provide us the same enjoyable surprise after another.

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