Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign Guide and Walkthrough

Barbarian Invasion is the official expansion to the real-time global strategic game Rome Total War. While the plot of Rome Total War are dedicated to the Roman Empire’s past the add-on takes players into the early era of the collapse of the Roman Empire.

The primary battle Barbarian Invasion tells the story of a dark and difficult moment in the story of Late Antiquity. Rome collapses and it’s attacked from every angle, Christianity spreads everywhere, barbarian kings rise in influence, as the first feudal rulers brutally imprison the peasants. It is this way we briefly describe the period between 4th and 5th centuries A.D. This is the period of darkness and violence that we’ll plunge headlong into.

There are numerous fascinating factions to choose from for the game. There are many interesting factions available. Visigoths, Franks, Huns and Sarmatians Saxons, Alemanni, Sassanid Empire (Parthia), Vandals, Western Roman Empire and Byzantium are all represented in all their splendor. We’ll talk about the Visigoths, Franks, Byzantium, Western Roman Empire and. There are other nationalities represented on the map, however they are only activated with a special text file. There are scripted scenes in the campaign, such as King Arthur’s assault on London as well as appearing of Slavs along with the Ostgoths and other events like the Roman Usurper uprisings. Three official religions are present–Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Paganism. The degree of order in cities is determined by these religions.

Before going through the complete guide take note that even the smallest delay could result in fatal consequences and ultimately the destruction of the entire faction. It is suggested to complete the game only on difficult levels of medium, heavy and extremely heavy. In the event that you do not, you will not get to play the entire game.


  • Stage 1: Start
  • Stage 2: establishing the economy
  • Stage 3: fighting insurgents
  • Stage 4: Road to victory
  • Stage 5 the sovereign of everything and all
  • Recommendations for special occasions

1. Stage 1: Begin

The initial stage is the most crucial during the entire campaign. In the end, it will determine the next stage. A slight error and everything goes to waste. So, it’s essential be observant with points and plan carefully the strategy. Game factions can be divided into two kinds namely settled and the hordes. But, hordes may become settled when they conquer cities and gain presence there. For groups that are sedentary, it’s advised not to fall asleep at the beginning and instead use combat.

Barbaric nations such as those of the Alemans or Saxons are not able to transform into a mass of people after losing their final city. After losing any settlement, these groups have to be destroyed. At the beginning, both alemans as well as Saxons are the only two cities each. While the Saxons have the advantage of having no enemies, aren’t any enemies but the Alemans are the middle of a fiery cauldron. They’re being threatened by the powerful Roman Empire. But, even without Romans there are plenty of concerns. The economy is in a state of crisis right from the beginning and the loss of resources starts immediately. So, for Saxons it is advised to immediately seize and loot the settlements around them in Northern Germany (Friesian and Hattian settlements). In the case of Alemans it is recommended that they send an entire army into Vindelikorum from the beginning. The Romans are likely to attack Vindelikorum’s principal fortress. In this scenario, you have to take the troops back and eliminate the unit that is attacking. Return to Vindelicorum to assault it. After Vindelicorum you could go on to take over Milan or close by Treverorum. Both of these cities can provide a increase to your economy.

In the case of Sassanids their situation has become much better. The Treasury is full of money while the troops are robust. But the Byzantines are not slack and immediately begin to attack Khatra within Assyria. It is imperative to protect Khatra at all costs because its trade routes aid the economy. In the next step, you must form three units from the troops that were already in place (thankfully there are plenty of these). A squad is assigned to take over Arabia while the other is sent to aid Khatra while the third one is sent to take down Colchis. After taking Arabia and Colchis you must begin the cultivation of Zoroastrianism across every region. Taxes are reduced to the lowest threshold.

If you are in those who belong to the Eastern Roman Empire, the procedure will be more complex. In Philadelphia the pagan temple needs to be destroyed and a basilica constructed. It is preferential to expand Christianity to many cities across Asia simultaneously. It is recommended to stay clear of urban rebellions because they could lead to groups of Usurpers. The economics of Byzantium is very good however, it is possible to grow gradually. Certain troops should be removed from Tarsus and transferred to Assyria. Every city must be brutally killed. For those in the Western Empire, it will be impossible to maintain the order. It is urgently necessary to relocate from the capital of your country to Milan and then be patient to see the Usurpers to arrive and launch an unending war against them. If you are able to win the battle with the tyrants you could regain your cities, and possibly increase the economic output. However, you should declare war against the Picts and swiftly capture Dal Raida. Also, it is not essential to avoid this Aleman threat. The city built by these barbarians will provide a significant economic benefit.

Horde factions such as those of Goths, Vandals, Huns and Sarmatians have to advance in a hurry to Byzantine territory. Each of these factions has to quit their territories. It is possible to do this via pressing “Become Horde” button. Start massively looting every Byzantine settlements, as well as cities belonging to other factions. The players playing as Huns are advised to move their troops to Persia and then attack Persia by looting every city. The cities which were looted could be quickly occupied , and the economy immediately restored. For the Franks however it is advised to conduct yourself in an Alemannic manner, which is, attack immediately the settlements around. Start by sending troops out to capture Treverorum and then rapidly take on those who fought the Agrippina Colony. This gives you a financial advantage.

Stage 2 Stage 2: Establishing the Economy

If everything went well in the first stage, move to the next stage. The right economics is one of the primary factors to success. A well-functioning economy and solid treasury can help you to build a solid army for the further expansion of your empire. In the end, holding territories is a lot more difficult than taking them back.

As we mentioned previously, for groups of factions (Sarmatians, Huns, Vandals and Goths) you should organize a massive plundering. As long as the treasury remains stocked with solid resources, you must not stop raiding. It is suggested to replenish your treasure up to 50k coins. There’s plenty of looting to take care of, and we recommend to take your time. The enemy forces could try to attack the horde and you need to act swiftly.

When you’re playing with the masses, it’s ideal to fight in real-time. Don’t forget Autobattle during Barbarian Invasion, they’re not going to aid you. In combat, you must remove the commanders of the enemy in the shortest time possible in order that the entire enemy army will just scatter. Once you’ve gathered the stolen belongings of the enemy you can start to build an entirely new kingdom, but slowly. Cities to be captured are Constantinople, Athens, Sirmium, Ephesus and Kidonia. Sea trade is a fantastic method to make money. Do not forget diplomacy and create trade agreements with other nations.

To maintain for the Western Roman Empire, you have to continue attacking enemies, and replenish the treasury of the government. While doing this however, you must contemplate rebels. There are going to be a lot, numerous revolts! Usurpers will attempt to take over power over and over again. It is advised to ensure complete control over Britain and all of Germany to guarantee the flow of money. The cities that have been deemed rebellious should be dismantled. Of of course, these are not Democrat strategies however, this is, in fact the fifth century.

For Byzantium The example set by The Western Romans must be followed in the same manner ahead. Usurpers will continue to revolt particularly in Palestine. If they want to Then make an invasion from Syria and devastate the cities, while replenishing the Emperor’s purse. But do not forget about Constantinople. Hordes of enemies can arrive anytime therefore, you must build more fortifications, and also station an additional force in Greece. If the hordes do arrive they should combat them within the city squares, and attempt to eliminate the warlords quicker. It is more advantageous to move your capital city out of Constantinople in the direction of Antioch.

For the sedentary barbarian groups such as that of Alemans as well as the Saxons it is advised to continue to invade Europe. For the Alemans, it’s ideal to conquer cities that surround them and towns, including those of the Frankish settlement. Make sure to build roads and markets. This can greatly increase the revenue for the government. In the case of the Saxons We recommend that they embark on sea raids over the shores of Britain. It is better to go for London first, later Dal Raida. Eborak is not advisable to take a step on, since once you have it, there’s a large armies of King Arthur with a lot of knights. It will be extremely difficult. The Franks should follow the Alemannic model, and continue to conquer Europe and seize cities after cities. The hordes won’t be able to reach these territories anytime soon but, before that happens you are able to build an army-fortified kingdom.

To the Sassanid Empire, the war in Syria along with Asia Minor should be continued. Three offensive troops are suggested. One is sent to take Antioch and, after capturing Antioch transform it into the capital city. Second army is sent to besiege Caesarea along with Sinope. A third army is the best to take to Palestine. Burn the cities with swords and fire without being a ceremonial presence with anyone. This will help fill the treasury. Don’t propagate Zoroastrianism into Syria as well as Palestine. The locals won’t be happy with you and will rebel immediately.

If someone succeeds in taking towns along the coast, it is recommended to construct at minimum one flotilla to end the problem of pirates. Pirates are known to attack ports, which creates an economic instability. So it is best to combat this menace and eliminate the flotillas immediately.

Step 3: Fighting Insurgents

After two stages have been complete, we’re now moving onto the third, and the most painful phase of the war. If everything went as planned and you’re at this point, you’re in the middle of a kingdom (or empire) with large areas, an established economy, and dependable troops. There are enemies still around however, they’re not keen to confront your forces, as they know that they’ll be facing their enemies in near-term time. If sieges occur and they’re defeated, they’re successful. Do not forget to hold cities and not letting them go. Place more troops within the middle of the city close to the central government building. This strategy is effective against large numbers of the enemies. Find the commander of the enemy and stop the plight of his life on Earth.

If everything is going well that’s why you shouldn’t have issues with the economy or building your military strength. The impression is that everything is perfect and you’re ready to proclaim yourself King-God however the people who you successfully slaved, won’t remain loyal to you for long. In the beginning of the Rome Total War there were issues with the organization of cities in the process of capturing foreign territories. Barbarian Invasion is much worse.

National revolts as well as religious ones are waiting for you. In the case of religious protests, you can counter them by establishing your faith, and national uprisings are fought by building special buildings such as the Execution Square as well as the Academy and the Elite Barracks. Additionally, do not neglect to enhance the settlements. There is a special screen that appears on the screenand informs you about the increase in the population of a specific town. Improvements are made by building Administrative Buildings. Towns grow with new spaces for building become available. The social order increases. But once the number people living in a city exceeds 20.000, the discussion of rebellion is triggered.

The mood of the residents can be observed through the unique image of a face in front of the town’s name. The faces of yellow and green represent a sense of order and wellbeing. The blue face reveals that there are underground groups ready to fight in the city. The red face speaks of a coming uprising. The way to stop the revolt is by cutting taxes down to an absolute minimum, and by setting up large garrisons. However, a second issue arises and that is a declining economy.

The rage of the Barbarian Invasion is very painful. It starts with the initial stage of unrest, namely street protests. Then, the second stage, barricades, fighting with guards, and the destruction of structures. The third stage triggers the beginning of a Civil Revolution. The city falls under the supervision from the Independent Kingdoms or another faction. A people’s militia emerges. The loss of the city results in economic decline and instability of the entire kingdom.

What are the reasons to maintain an effective army in cities that have the highest level of discontent. It is important to construct forges and armories to enhance the performance of the damage of soldiers. The best and most skilled fighters can quickly take over. It is suggested to employ more cavalry because it’s difficult to win Barbarian Invasion without it. Cavalry is a fantastic option to take on massive numbers of rebels. If you are fighting against rebels, you shouldn’t hesitate. It is imperative to find the commander of the enemy immediately and kill the enemy commander immediately. Once he has been killed, the rebels will disperse in various directions. After defeating the rebels it is imperative to take the city of the rebels to the ground and totally eliminate the people. It is only the best way to prevent future uprisings. Yes, there are times when you can simply take the town for a walk. But in the future , the risk of rebellion might be resurrected.

Step 4. Route to Victory

It’s time to go to the next stage of our walkthrough. Trade routes are in place and the sea situation remains stable and any issues with rebels and enemies have been eliminated successfully. There are also trusted allies in the shape from other countries.

If you’re in good health and your state is heading towards prosperity, then contemplate the conquers and repeating the heroic actions of the great heroes from antiquity. You are able to take on Rome as well as Constantinople. You can build a large fleet and conquer Egypt. You can take control of all of the Mediterranean islands. However, you shouldn’t venture north into the land of the Slavs or Alans. The cities there are inadequate. It is best to look to the east, west and south. Do not think about the northern lands there isn’t anything remarkable there.

As playing as Sassanids is the best way to advance, then to completely control the entirety of Asia as well as The Middle East, and Egypt. After you’ve consolidated control over these territories, it would be ideal to attack Greece and then begin to conquer the islands. The victory over Constantinople is sure to bring a substantial amount of revenue to the Treasury. Additionally, you can repeat the heroics that were carried out by Shah Khosrov, who at once almost ended that of Byzantine Empire. In the case of Eastern Romans you can conquer the entirety of Persia and then begin the process of capturing the Western neighbors as well as the barbarian kingdoms. To conquer the Western Romans you can arrange an extensive conquest of the territories that lie to the East. The amount of profit you earn will rise significantly after you take control of the islands.

For the barbarian kingdoms as well as the horde groups of sedentary You can easily take on Italy, Spain, and northern Africa. The control of the whole Mediterranean trade will boost supply of materials. It is recommended to eradicate everything in the Western Roman Empire by the roots. It is believed that the Roman cities are well-developed and wealthy. They can provide a steady amount of soldiers as well as significant revenue to the Treasury. It is also advantageous for the country to possess Balkan territories in the hands in which there is an opportunity to gain. Be aware of the development of cities directly. Create top-quality barsracks, shooting galleries and stables, and build buildings up to the highest level. Armed troops are an excellent option to increase your chances of conquering of the map.

Stage 5: Sovereignty of all

Once the official victory conditions have been fulfilled, you can contemplate winning the entire area. It will be a challenge due to the religion-based riots, horde displays in national conflicts, as well as invading scriptural forces. Do not forget the Slav invasion, which is a part of the fifth century. They came from the regions that are now Novgorod and seek to move into Germanic land. On their way they destroyed all the villages in the vicinity. Combating them is very difficult due to the sheer number of horses.

If you’ve got the determination, you are able to win the game. The secret to success is to control every area of the map. It can take a few days, or even weeks. If you are at the top of your game, you can complete the task within a minimum of one month. If you want to be regarded as the best of the greatest overlords be bold and go after your goals.

Special suggestions

It is strongly advised to play mods that are not official. A variety of add-ons have been designed to play Barbarian Invasion, embellishing the game in all ways. Certain projects add historical context to the game, some significantly alter the appearance of the warriors, while others introduce new events and battles from the past. Don’t overlook all kinds of patches that are not official that are available for Barbarian Invasion, made by players from the community who do not shun the events of the 20th century. Particularly, be aware of projects such as DarthMod Rome BI Enhancement, Unofficial Bugfixer and local patch (1.8, 1.88 and 1.89) that make the game more stunning and intriguing.

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