Rome Total War Alexander Guide and Walkthrough

The guide is now available for the add-on Rome Total War Alexander. The tips are related to the strategy of the hero of legend Alexander from Macedon. The road ahead is long and difficult Make sure you are prepared.

The most important thing is to take 30 important cities that are scattered across the map. It is also necessary to complete the task in just 100 minutes, or the mission will be an untimely collapse and expose Alexander’s death.

1. Stage 1: Begin

The beginning is the most difficult aspect of Alexander’s campaign. For the not prepared player, the first phase of the campaign could be disastrous in the initial 10 steps. It begins like this. We can see that the group of Macedonia with only two cities: Sparta as well as Pella. Alexander is standing by the capital, with a huge army. To the east, stands Byzantium which is under control by Thrace. To the north lies Epidamnus under the control of Illyria. It is located in Asia Minor, Parmenion, with Persian legions, is situated close to Halicarnassus.

We are advancing safely towards Halicarnassus. The army of Parmenion is completely surrounded from all sides. The battle is won, but we are beaten by the Persians and lose the bravest commander of all time.

Then we realize that the economy isn’t good. In the beginning we have 10,000 denarii. Within a single move, the amount of coins is reduced by 5 and within 5 we are in crisis. There’s nothing to purchase soldiers or build cities with. The sea-going fleet is destroyed completely by the Persian armies that is led by Admiral Ariaramn. Alexander is blocked from every side. However, that’s not the most difficult part of it.

We attempt with all our might to penetrate Byzantium to liberate Byzantium from Thracians. However, the trumpet is still blaring! The Thracians were destroyed by our troops, however after taking their city, we only get a small amount of coins , and an unneeded city. In addition the Illyrians from north arrive into the city and take Epidaminus under the threat of siege. The end result is that we will never get to the other side of economic turmoil.

Then we then send our Alexander to take Epidaminus. The economy, in the meantime is already sinking under what is known as the manhole of the sewer. In the fight, we are able to defeat an Illyrian attack, but then Alexander is shot dead by enemy arrows. The battle is over and we are hoping for an extension of the battle… however, it doesn’t happen and a massive informational booklet comes out with alarming howls of Alexander’s demise and the ending of the battle.

What should we do next? We must first return to the beginning point. Here we find us a bleak Macedonia that is in a state of economic crisis and a fractured force. The most effective solution is to increase taxes for the town of Pella first however in Sparta it is not advisable to make this decision, because an unwise tax increase could trigger a revolt.

Parmenion must be removed safely to Asia Minor and quickly delivered via ships to Byzantium byzantium, the Thracian capital. In one move, it should be able to be able to defeat the local troops King and capture the capital, notably increasing the size of the treasury. Alexander is to be sent to Epidamnus. This must be organized within the initial two turns, or you’ll be either bankrupt or lose the fight.

Make sure to employ Alexander with care in combat. If he falls then the campaign will cease immediately. Furthermore, a variety of natural disasters are often experienced during the course of the campaign. The plague breaks out in one area after which floods follow, and sometimes earthquakes. You can capture Epidamnus by taking out every Illyrian resistance. Do not engage in autobattle. just be yourself.

After the destruction of Illyria then, loot the city or eradicate the population. Then , swiftly redirect Alexander into Macedonia. The most secure location for him is Pella. Pella. There is no need to transport him around every hot spot. Follow up with the new generals, and finally General Parmenion.

Stage 2: Expansion

If you’ve followed the correct procedure at the beginning, proceed to the next. By this point, you’ll have four regions under your control including Epidamnus as well as Byzantium. Be cautious. Do not rush to find 300,000 warriors per. Only take on the best of them, which includes cavalry. Create Temples and Forges in your towns, which will have an the effect of the ability of your troops to fight. Make 2 small army units. Send one of them led by Parmenion swiftly by the ship Halicarnassus. The other one should be sent to the east, via a small isthmus close to Byzantium. Don’t use Alexander to any extent, instead place him in Pella.

Every battle should be performed without the use of autobattle. The first army must arrive at Halicarnassus at the earliest as it is possible to capture it. If your enemy has gone on an attack, you have to engage him in the city’s perimeter and attempt to send his entire army out of the way. If your enemy is in the process of gaining reinforcements and is willing to fight take the initiative to lead the Macedonian phalanx to take on the enemy.

To make Persian hoards, come up with hoplites, phalangites, and Peltasts. Place the phalangites at the front and put the hoplites and Peltasts to the rear. Form a separate cavalry brigade and a warlord . Then, take on the enemy’s rear. When fighting chariots, it’s best to not let the cavalry go, but instead, take them down with peltassss and lances. The enemy’s infantry should be placed on gunnels of the phalanx. Do not permit commanders to escape. If you do it correctly, Halicarnassus becomes yours and you will gain 20,000 resources.

The second army must go towards The Scythian domain. The Scythians will surely seek to pit their own barbarians against yours. Similar to the Persians Put forward Phalalangites and create cavalry regiments. Utilize the cavalry to attack the generals who are in the way. By killing the generals, you will bring all barbarians to run. Head towards that city called Tanais and take it down by storm. Then you’ll have two cities to conquer as well as simultaneously, every problem with the economy will go away.

3. Stage: Conquest

If the second stage went smoothly and you have 6 cities that are rich you can control. It’s time to conquer. The process is much simpler. There is no need to think of a plan simply go about it like an rhinoceros. In the beginning, you must quickly invade Asia Minor, filling up your Treasury while doing it. There will be a great deal of money and, in the near future, you’ll have over 100,000 resources. In the meantime, you’ll keep forming troops to defend cities. There is no need to split your troops into various armies. The army that is in Tanais from the city and direct towards the Caucasus via ships. Then, quickly, you can take Azara and completely eliminate the Scythians, and then head towards Babylon.

You could go around in a flurry and destroy the Persians in a horde of. Nobody here will allow you to duplicate Alexander’s actions. If you’re a lover of strategizing, you can build four army units that are combat-ready, and equip the soldiers with better weapons. A portion of these armies could be taken to Babylon via Syria along with the Caucasus. Another armies should be sent to conquer of Palestine. The third force should be shipped to Egypt and, ideally, via ship crossing the ocean. The fourth unit should be sent to Babylon along with the first one. By doing this, you will be able to wipe out all Persians across several regions , and also capture half of the map.

After taking Babylon and Memphis The economic scale will be at an all-time high. The only thing that needs to do is examine the counter to move and to continue to take over each Persian city from the beginning to the end. When you reach Central Asia, you’ll run up against the Dachs barbarians, brownish and naked who appear more like crazy Germanic men as opposed to any other. The Dachs are just as easy to beat as Scythians, Illyrians, or Thracians. Make use of the line of Piconians and create a striking cavalry unit. The destruction of the warlords will cause the army of the enemy to leave. Once you have reached the town of Chach the war is likely to end, because 30 cities will be captured.

Or maybe the addons that are not official could be more effective?

In truth, Alexander’s addon appeared to be an entire anachronism. Terrible gameplay, terrible map, unhistorical regions horrendous troops, and no historic events from the time. The only thing you can do is defeat Persians or brown wild savages, divided into four factions. Only the historical battles can bring some excitement however they’re extremely complex, lengthy and frequently end in the destruction of the whole army.

We strongly encourage you to explore fan-made enhancements of the initial addon Rome Total War Alexander. The first step is to download specific fixes for the Russifier that fix crashes. You will not have to worry about the crash in the campaign by using this fix.

If you don’t enjoy the original addon campaign we suggest downloading the non-official versions. Rise of Alexander Light Version allows you to play not just for Macedonia but also for various other factions, including Persia and the Greek cities and the Dachian tribes, and even those of the Thracian kingdom. The emphasis of the game on Alexander’s life was eliminated. Every faction was enriched by new units. Historic textures and models were added to almost all types of troops. The ability to take over all of the map which includes the areas of India is now available.

There’s a new version of the add-on (Alexander Reborn) which enhances the gameplay of the first. You can only play for three factions – Macedonia, Persia and the Dakh Union. The campaign is improved Macedonia from the beginning and gives Macedonia the chance to take on India and also includes many different 3D-models. The dependence on Alexander’s existence is also gone. It is important to note the new economy and the rise in the strength that is the AI. These battles will now be even more intense and memorable. You’ll need to apply all your strategic skills to beat numerous foes.

Be aware, however, that the above-mentioned tips for campaigning are not necessary in this case. The initial situation of the parties isn’t hopeless and the economy isn’t in any way in an emergency. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of the time to think about and develop your own ideas. Enjoy your game strategisers!

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