Roller Champions Test

In addition, Roller Champions spares itself any rules and regulations – anything is permissible. Therefore, both teams get to business with a complete physical exertion: pushing, jostling, and blocking, which the plastic balls allow. Jumping bodies and kicks can keep the opponent away from the ball or eliminate a possible pass receiver. Given the number of bodies floating around, we’re slightly reminding ourselves of wrestling. But, of course, this raises the question: How can you engage in Roller Champions with any purpose in the first place?

The track is in the right direction with a strategy

If we take to the track with random strangers, There isn’t much that comes together. Sometimes, one is to the front and tries unsuccessfully to win the game on his own. Some try to reverse the process and smash everything and everyone and forget about scoring. Sometimes chaos is the norm because both teams unintentionally race through the arena. This is why some rounds are tough despite their shorter playing time of only seven minutes. Additionally, the camera, located quite close behind the player, is a challenge to maintain an eye on the scene and, consequently, execute precise moves and avoidance.

For success, you’ll require discipline or, at the very least, a basic understanding during the chat. This is evident in conversations with friends and colleagues: For instance, one player is in charge of the ball and goals, while players two and three are prepared for passing and clearing the track of the pursuer. In addition, various team-based actions and movements like hanging onto a teammate and pushing the pace can open up a range of options for strategy. But, successful attacks or passes are not individually rewarded. Unlike other games, which offer points for experience gained from almost all moves, Roller Champions does without any kind of incentive.

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Aggressive Offerings

The most important thing is winning. Only winning games will increase the number of fans and gain new ranks in the known Roller Pass. The Roller Pass offers all kinds of cosmetics, such as clothing, hairstyles, and shoes that our characters can be outfitted. Of course, in the case of many free-to-play games, you can buy the items you want faster by opening your wallet. Roller Champions points this out quite clearly.

Except for the primary game modes that include a skate park to practice, short games, and ranked matches, the menus are all about things and money. If advancing to the next level in Roller Pass takes too long? An investment of just a few dollars can make a difference. Do you need a pair of sparkly skater’s shoes? Yes, with a tiny fee. A new pose? It was 4.50 euros. Please. There’s no doubt that a free game needs to be refinanced. But this slick presentation isn’t the best way.

Much better would be to have more modes. The only methods always available are the short game and competitive encounters. Both are the same. We could not play the time-limited surprise games with 2v2 games and”hot potato. “hot potato” mode at the time of our testing. There’s not much variation in the venues in the online game. The game is always played at the Acapulco Arena, situated at the beach. There is the only access to two other media when we make an online game that is private to people on our friend list. But, the selection of venue does not have an impact on playing.
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There are many options to consider in this case. For example, teams can utilize obstacles such as retractable blockades to stop each other. Or acceleration fields a la Mario Kart. or items with special effects. These bizarre elements would provide a fun spark and be an excellent match for the vibrantly colored comic style.

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