Rogue Legacy 2 Review – The Perfect Heir Review

In 2022, on April 28 Rogue Legacy 2 was released in the previous year it was at the Early Access stage for almost two years. The history of Hades was repeated and journalists flooded the game with glowing reviews and high scores making it one of the top games in the category. I was eagerly awaiting this sequel of my favourite RPG. And after playing for a total of 12 hours I am eager to write about my experiences.

  • Producer: Cellar Door Games
  • Publisher:Cellar Door Games
  • Date of release:April 28, 2022

As I was writing an early access report I was somewhat dissatisfied with the lack of material (only 2 locations and the same enemies, and 4 courses instead of the variety promised) and I was unable to beat the first boss due to the inconsistency.

Since then, I’ve never played the game, awaiting the date of release to be able to compare with the “before” as well as the “after” state of the game and see the results that the creators had in mind, rather than taking their concepts fragment by fragment. As we look ahead we can say that the folks who run Cellar Door Games have done an outstanding job, and not just kept the bar high but also elevated it to a higher standard. [toc]

Full Heirs Court

I’ve been thinking about how to go about Rogue Legacy 2, because it was better than every aspect without exaggeration. The best part of the original I’ll be clear, was the heirs. After the failed exploration of this castle character is transferred to the opposite side and is replaced by an entirely new character, however in a different class, and with a unique collection of skills and possibly, intriguing flaws.

In early access, we could play as four standard classes, the number has now risen to 15. The warrior classes of archer, warrior, and mage were added by an assassin an cook, a bard and a dragon spearman as well as many other fascinating individuals, and the manner of play is quite distinct. For instance the cook is armed with the frying pan that creates the illusion of burning and is able to repel shells. The astromancer makes black holes, and the boxer can frighten enemies using his gloves.

The imbalance that I noticed in the initial access. The imbalance is clearly evident when you play the Mage class. While previously, he was just hitting the circle highlighted, the magical orb is now flying towards this region, inflicting damages to all and every person that is in the vicinity. There aren’t any blatantly “laggy” types of players in this game. Every class is equally enjoyable to play and it’s not difficult to choose your favorite.
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Weapons, magical abilities , each of them, consequently have also become more. It is impossible to know what you’ll receive as a builder, and it can be winning or absolutely in despair. In addition, you may find artifacts during adventures that allow you to change weaponry or spells. For instance, a fighter will be able to create black holes while an astromancer and then drop his sword.

It is also possible to make black holes using an Astromancer.

Inherited sequels and illnesses which make gaming easier or even more difficult. A player could be dwarfed , and be able to fly for miles after a single blow or clumsy and large. The person may also suffer from color blindness, unable to be able to see the enemy’s icons (they are replaced with large pixels) and not eating the meat… Some even have pacifists that wear an image of propaganda rather than weapons.

There are more wounds to be found in Part 2 and seldom are there truly annoying ones (like those which turn the display upside-down).

It’s not just a castle it’s a complete game world

The information I’ve provided is just the smallest portion of the features Rogue Legacy 2 boasts, however, it’s enough to consider the sequel worth the wait. However, the creators covered every aspect of the first.

The castle is larger and the biomes far more detailed. In the original , we resided in a castle having new rooms open in the attic and basement However, the new version of Rogue Legacy 2 you can escape and wander through in the forest of winter, go to the Axis of Peace, climb the Tower of the Sun.

Only the beginning location is a boring set of rooms that have enemies, while the rest have a unique layout. For instance Axis of the World and Axis of the World are connected long sections that are difficult to wander through and to reach to conquer the Tower of the Sun you must leap and try not to fall from the beginning. It’s as did the character from Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

Each biome is a new challenge and threats. For instance The Fison’s Dried Lake is one of the most challenging locations and it’s an dark dungeon. The character who goes to its depths is likely to have a narrowed area of vision, which is common with one of the illnesses that you don’t even know the force that shook you.

Rogue Legacy has an original progression tree, which is displayed as an individual castle. By expanding it’s “branches” it builds rooms and towers, and new wizards are added to the dock to improve equipment, trade in relics and other ways to make your next adventure. The castle has also increased in size due to the variety of classes as well as new features.

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Apart from the greater variety, the one issue I’m able of pointing out in this article is that the price of upgrading is rising too fast. However the system will encourage you to spend on upgrades with greater prudence, as it’s unlikely to achieve omnipotence in the short term.

New Ideas

The creators of Cellar Door Games have not just improved the game that has worked well, but they’ve also added several new mechanics. For instance there are quests to be completed through studying notes scattered throughout the world In his journal, the player will take interesting notes that will help open the door for the boss or uncover sly secrets. In addition, from these notes, you can discover the background of the game’s world and the inhabitants of it and that is another of the benefits.

A different and innovative concept is the brand new “resolve” parameter that determines the level of health as well as the amount of relics that are equipped. These two parameters are linked as the more objects we bring along or acquire while on the go more ill-health we will be. It’s possible to be wildly varied however this aspect also helps to increase replayability.

Then there are challenges that if you are successful in completing of which can improve your skills. There are more puzzle rooms in which you’ll have to eliminate every enemy, take none of the damage, or avoid treacherous traps. Further challenges, in which you’ll be escorted off the dock to test the proficiency of different classes. There are more bosses for intermediates that together with the story bosses are diverse and not too hard.


Rogue Legacy 2 is an illustration of a perfectly executed sequel. I could go go on and prefer to put it aside and give myself two chips to play by myself. It’s one of the few games that are best played with your own hands instead of learning by reading reviews. It’s certainly one of the top roguelikes available but I’m not sure whether the creators can overcome their fears when they come out with the third. It’s hard to say, but who knows.

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