Roccat Vulcan Pro Test

For the first time, Roccat uses free-standing keys that are mounted with transparent housings and flat keycaps. The transparent switch housings offer stunning RGB effects when used in conjunction with an AIMO RGB system which can be configured within the Swarm software, as is the norm. We are back with the three multimedia keys, along with the volume knob that is detuned above that numeric keyboard.

The details are correct. Also, the details are correct. The palm rest that is magnetically connected isn’t padded. However, it’s still comfy. It can be placed in a different position with the anti-slip rubbers to guarantee a stable stand. The cable is robust and encased in fabric, but it’s not easily detachable. In addition, those who prefer it to be less bulky may also purchase it with the Roccat Vulcan Pro as a Tenkeyless version, i.e., without any number pad.

The significant difference from other models is with the switch. It is the Roccat Vulcan Pro that has Titan Switch Optical installed. The manufacturer is also relying on optical switches currently gaining much attention. One reason is due to their ability to react rapidly and precisely due to the visual barrier that detects pressure, and on the contrary, they are much more durable than traditional mechanical switches because of the absence of mechanical components. They are expected to stand up to 100 million hits.

The switches provide a smooth typing style with solid feedback. However, they have a limited release time of 1.4 millimeters. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust to it initially, mainly when you type; however, after a few days, it’s simple to get used to. The quick, accurate response is perfect for gaming. There’s not much distinction between optical switches made by other manufacturers for typing or gaming. The keyboard does a fantastic job and does not make any errors. The only thing to be aware of can be heard the space bar, which can be a little hard and loud.

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Apart from that, the system is just as. With 512 kb of internal memory, you can duplicate settings, macros, and profiles onto the keyboard. The 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0-based processor swiftly processes these. The configuration is made using an application called the Roccat Swarm software that comes with various options yet does not look too complicated and is very simple to use.

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