Roccat Kone Xp Test

Kone XP Kone XP has 15 buttons. Apart from those two buttons for the mouse and the DPI switch located behind the wheel for the mouse and two other buttons on the left side of the right mouse. These are easy to access and set off so that they cannot be accidentally activated. In addition, there are five thumb buttons. Four keys are laid out in two rows at the top, and the other one is at the base of the thumb. The latter requires some time to adjust to as it’s comparatively thin, and the thumb barely rests on it. Other thumbs also have slightly more precise pressure points.

The two mouse buttons are two contemporary optical switches like the famous Titan Switch Optical, which performs again with ease and precision. The mouse wheel, dubbed Krystal 4D, is multi-functional and can be pressed and operated on both sides and scrolling. This gives you an array of capabilities and could be extended by the software because Easy-ShiftTechnology [+] allows double assignment. So, as many as 29 commands could be set up.

It connects with the 1.8m USB cable, which isn’t noticeable because of its soft, breathable sheathing. PhantomFlex is the name Roccat refers to the entire thing, and we’re familiar with it through other models from the company. It also comes with a great accessory included with the mouse. Roccat offers an extra pack to protect the small, nimble PTFE gliders if they become damaged over time.

Modern technology is also concealed in the underside of the car. Roccat uses the Owl-Eye sensor as high as 19,000 DPI based on the Pixart PAW3370. The possibility of doing very well using modern Pixart sensors is demonstrated by the wide use of the sensors made by this company. The sensor does not only come with an adjustable lift-off distance. However, it’s fully compatible with NVIDIA Reflex, which means that very low latency is possible when using it.

Optically visually, this Kone XP makes quite an impression, not just due to its internal AIMO RGB lighting system. The case is transparent and isn’t limited by the brand logo, mouse wheel, or any LED strips, which typically happens and instead shines throughout. It is also possible to configure using this manufacturer’s Swarm software.

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