Roccat Kone Pro / Kone Pro Air Test

These Kone Pro models are built to be used by right-handed people and fit comfortably into the palm, mainly using their Palm Grip. The surface is remarkably smooth and silky with no texturing or rubberizing aside from a few horizontal but barely visible side ridges. It feels good, but it is not for people who like the comfortable grip and can take a little to get used to.

The light weight is quite striking. The Kone Pro weighs only 66 grams and the Kone Pro Air 75 grams. The consequence was derived from honeycomb construction in the body but also due to the absence of back buttons behind the mouse wheel. In these cases, there’s typical, at the very least, a DPI switch. There’s also an option to select a profile located on the bottom, along with the mode switch to enable 2.4 5GHz wireless connections or BlueTooth in the air, and an opening for the USB dongle. In other cases, you’ll have to work with just two mouse buttons, two thumb buttons, and a mouse wheel that can be clicked.

Of course, RGB lighting should not go left out, and the design is unique at least once. Instead of shining on the mouse wheel and logo like usual, Roccat has placed the LEDs beneath the mouse buttons, which means that the honeycomb design of the case is visible when the lights are switched on. Another exciting feature is the massive, well-rounded PTFE smooth surfaces on the bottom. As for the quality of the artistry, there aren’t any obvious or audible faults, and it creates a positive impression.

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The Kone pair doesn’t have any weaknesses in technology, either. Both models have an X-ray Pixart PAW3370, commonly called the Owl-Eye sensor. It features a whopping 19,000 DPI, with the ability to poll at 1000 Hz. The sensor is fast and precise like we’re used to today. Optomechanical switches (Titan Switch Optical) operate under mouse buttons. They are believed to last for a period of 100 million clicks thanks to shallow wear. These switches respond rapidly and perfectly, providing satisfying click feedback.

Its Kone Pro Air is also a winner with excellent battery longevity. If the lights are turned off, the device is believed to last at least 100 hours with the LEDs on less. It’s convenient: with a rapid-charge function, you can recharge a good amount in gaming back to your mouse in a matter of minutes if you fail to connect your cable over an extended amount of time. A wired option is feasible, naturally.

Apart from the slippery feel, which is subject to personal preference, The two mice did not offer any weaknesses or failures, neither during gaming nor while working. It’s also helpful to only have two or one button lower, but there is the option of saving up to 5 profiles for the mouse with Swarm software, which includes switches, macros, and lighting.

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