Rising Islands, go from one dimension to another to save the world

Immersed in the depths of a amazing world in which you’ll need to be able to run, jump and change between different dimensions to conquer the obstacles you face. With your keyboard or controller It’s your job to bring peace back to the world that is divided into two.

A world divided into two

The concept behind Rising Islands is as easy as it is. You’ll need to travel through clearly-defined paths to gather crystals that allow players to access different portals and gain access to higher stages of the game. All of this with the single aim of returning peace and prosperity to everyone in the globe… as well only you can do this!”

In the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to recognize how important it is to switch between different dimensions at the appropriate timing. Two dimensions are represented by two colours ( red and blue) and to switch between one and one, only a single key pressing is all that’s required.

It is essential to stay in the correct size always, as they are the ones who can allow you to

activate specific supports and other platforms to help move forward

within those levels. In short, the levels, if in front of you is a red platform, but you’re located in the blue realm from the moment you land on that platform… And then you’ll fall into the void. It’s that easy! It’s simple, isn’t it?

The game becomes more difficult throughout.

Yes, initially… you could consider Rising Islands as a straightforward and repetitive game. But be assured that this is not the reality.

Every path will put you against a new challenge and the more levels can follow one another, and the more levels will follow each other, the more you’ll need to utilize agility and thinking to traverse them and hopefully be able to gather the crystals.

Despite the simple graphic design, it is evident very quickly that Rising Islands depends on the the richness, complexity, and variety of its pathways and, believe me when I say that you’ll be facing numerous difficulties. It is not necessary to try to conquer them. The only way forward is to conquer them.

It is all thought to be a challenge for you. time, from the enthralling passages, the series of walls that change in size, and the emptiness waiting for even the smallest of mistakes, You will be faced with numerous problems.

Nevertheless, don’t panic! It won’t be necessary to start from scratch if you pass away. Reassured?

A grip with a good grip is highly recommended, especially for the stress of the you will need to be calm because even the smallest jump can see you face many more obstacles.

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