Review They Always Run – Two Hands Are Good, Three Are Better Review

The Always Run game is an action platformer distinguished by its atmosphere of western space and the presence of a third hand, the main character. Let us know in our review if you think the project is worth your time.

  • Producer: Alawar Premium
  • Publisher: Alawar Premium
  • Please mark the date: October 20, 2021

Aiden is an enigmatic mercenary who follows orders to capture and kill one of the biggest criminals across the galaxy. In the meantime, Aiden is looking for enemies, which sharpens his tooth, and then in this story, he is entangled in a stunningly bizarre tale.

The protagonist is charming and quiet and doesn’t enjoy talking about trivial things; however, he can joke and is not afraid to visit the nearest bar anywhere on earth in which he delivers the convicted criminals. The game’s name is revealed in the initial mission, and the end of which leads Aiden to pursue the criminals: they always flee, trying to save their lives, and Aiden always gets caught up with the criminals.

Pursuit is among the most enjoyable aspects that are a highlight of They Always Run: in these episodes, the game is transformed into an athlete, and the players are required to chase enemies, leaping and bending over obstructions, climbing walls, and trying to avoid falling off the shaky platforms. The chases are highly dynamic, and the tests don’t take a lot of time to think about: choosing the best route takes just seconds, and a misstep could result in a trip back to your checkpoint.

This is only one aspect of the gaming experience but not the most crucial. The majority of levels are standard platformers with action elements in which you must explore areas that are branched and fight thousands of mercenaries. Some of these incidentally could be fugitives. With a specially designed scanner, you can track them down, knock them out, and transfer them to Galactic police. Aiden will be awarded an extra amount to his account.

Combat would like to laud the combat system that lets you use weapons and blades to combat and break down the block of enemies and avoid and eliminate enemies. The third hand can be used to strike powerfully and efficiently against those in blind defense. However, the use of these weapons is not permitted. First, you must make sure you have a specifically designed scale for counter-attacks.

Credits Aiden earns are used to purchase upgrades and ammunition. It’s easy to upgrade, but some of the unlockable devices are quite beneficial – for example, the hook allows you to be drawn to previously unobtainable areas and take enemies out of the crowd.

The main drawback to They Always Run combat was the absence of precise control over the character and badly tuned hitboxes. This is particularly evident in boss fights that are more difficult than battles with regular adversaries.

It’s a challenge to see the difference that marks the difference between a hit and a miss, and the cost bosses won’t accept errors. In fights with mercenaries, the hero is merged with other combatants, and I wasn’t always able to discern his silhouette among the battle crowd. In addition, when it comes to hitboxes, there are times when it’s tough to glide past an obstacle only to find that the character was not able to attach to it, even though he should have.

However, it becomes enjoyable once you are accustomed to the fighting system. You can create stunning combinations of punches and kicks if you are skilled, gracefully tackling your opposition.

And They always Run is a fantastic film. This is true for the style of the locations that remind us of Star Wars and other space westerns and the overall style of art and animation. A few images could be printed out and hung on the wall because they look perfect.

The game is quite enjoyable, but it is not without shortcomings. It is possible to forgive for the stunning surroundings and the ambience of the epic adventure; however, the issues with the game’s control of characters can ruin your experience. Make sure to keep this in mind when purchasing.

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